Comment Policy

Rule #1 of the comment policy: This is my website. I am in charge.

I don't want to hear any whining about your right to free speech. I am not the government. This website is my property. I have full rights to the content. That's how it works.


This blog is meant to be a safe space for people who experience oppression. Slurs are therefore not permitted.

Uncensored well-known slurs will result in immediate banning. Censored slurs used in a malicious manner will result in immediate banning. These obviously include gendered slurs, racial slurs, homophobic slurs, and transphobic slurs. If you're not sure whether a word is a slur or not, don't risk it. Also, Google is helpful. If you're banned for using a common slur you didn't know was a slur, you're not educated enough for this blog, so, tough.

Lesser known slurs will come with a single warning. These tend to include mostly ableist slurs. Words used to insult intelligence or trivialize or insult mental illness are not okay. Here's a partial list (trigger warning):
  • St*pid
  • Id**t
  • D*mb
  • Cr*zy
  • Ins*ne
Yes, these are commonly used words. I don't care. Don't use them here. Don't use similar words. Feel free to call people ignorant, shitty, worthless, terrible, fucked up, irresponsible soggy lamp shades, etc. Get creative.


Commenters are required to be aware of their privilege. If someone tells you to check your privilege, you do not mock them or get all pissy about it. You need to stop and consider why the thing you said was problematic. We all get that automatic defensive reaction when someone tells us we've done something harmful, but you need to put that aside and do what's best for the people you have privilege over. No matter how much it stings, I can guarantee you've hurt them more.

If you refuse to acknowledge your privilege, you will be banned.

Again, if you're not sure about what you're saying, do your research or just don't post. You may email me for advice but I can't promise I'll reply if you're a guy.

Trigger Warnings

If you're going to talk about something in your comment that you think might trigger someone, please be courteous and post trigger warnings at the beginning of your comment. You may also put it in the middle if you're switching to a triggering topic or story.

If you fail to post appropriate trigger warnings, I will edit your post and give you a warning. Repeated offenses are grounds for banning. I will occasionally announce new required trigger warnings when blog followers request them. Please be sure to warn for the following:
  • Rape
  • Sexual assault
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Abuse/Domestic violence
  • Pedophilia
  • Any type of bigotry (transmisogyny, racism, etc.)
  • Hate crimes
  • Gore/Body horror
  • Any slurs
  • Violent images
  • Videos or audio that auto-plays at a link
  • Flashing gifs (some people are epileptic)
Please let me know if there's more I should add to this list. Check back every now and again because it will probably update.

If you have a problem with trigger warnings, please make use of the virtual door.

Being Nice Not Required

I am 100% in favor of troll slaying. Ignoring bullies doesn't work, so if someone is trolling, feel free to unleash on them. However, there are lines that are not to be crossed. 

Even the most heinous troll is not an excuse to use slurs. NEVER encourage self-harm or suicide. Remember that other, non-troll blog followers will also see your comment, so don't say anything that might trigger them just to get at a troll. Non-slur and non-triggering insults are totally fine, though.

I reserve the full right to intervene in any disagreement and put an end to it.