Thursday, May 7, 2020

Hello I Am Very Angry With Democrats


Remember yesterday when I said I would have to deal with my emotions around Elizabeth Warren's comments on the allegations against Joe Biden? Well today is that day because they are here. I keep getting images in my head of me just smashing up my entire apartment with a baseball bat.

I almost supported her for president. I thought she was better than this. I cheered her on. I defended her even from Bernie supporters, especially when they started calling her a snake for accusing Bernie of misogyny. 

But fuck, maybe they were right. Maybe that was the beginning of a strategy to ditch Bernie and all progressive politics and line up behind Biden. What did they offer you, Liz? Did they threaten to end your career? Or did they just buy you? Bait you with a VP offer? 

This is what I'm talking about:

I think what gets me most is her calling Biden's denials "credible." That's the word you use about the victim's allegations, not the clear sexual predator's uncreative denials. What was it that Biden said that was special or different from any other accused sexual predator?

I just feel utterly betrayed and abandoned by Democrats. I feel like a chump for buying into that "vote blue no matter who" shit and chastising anyone who doesn't want to vote for Democrats. They were right. And it's not just the anarchists and other far-leftists. Democrats have proved Republicans right about them. Republicans said that Democrats would change their tune as soon as one of their leaders was accused, and they were correct. Even those who I thought were the good ones who were really progressive but thought they could work within the system to make it better. Maybe she was even right?

But no. Elizabeth Warren has turned her back on women and survivors, just like the rest of the Democrats. The only exception is Bernie, the one that Democrats always scream is "not a real Democrat." Using that as a criticism never has only gotten more darkly hilarious.

But even he is still supporting Biden. He's still part of the system. He was the compromise candidate and Democrats rejected that compromise wholeheartedly. So.

It's getting harder and harder to see a real difference between Republicans and Democrats. Andrew Cuomo is out there insisting on cutting Medicaid during a plague. Democrats everywhere have shown themselves to be rape apologists. They're supporting a man who has been openly creepy with young women for decades. And if we're being really honest with ourselves, we don't know how Biden or any other Democrat would have handled the pandemic. We don't have tests because the CDC decided it was special, tossed aside the WHO's test and tried to make its own, and fucked it. Would Biden have been able to prevent that?

American exceptionalism is not a uniquely Republican disease.

Hell, if Hillary had won, I don't see how we ever could have dodged war with Iran. Remember when that almost happened? Hillary desperately wanted to invade Iran and that would have been her shot. Then we'd have war and a pandemic, and the Iranian civilians would have been completely and utterly fucked.

Obviously Trump is an intensely awful human being and a shit president. But the last Democrat in the Oval Office was the Deporter-In-Chief and ramped up drone bombings significantly. The one before that was... also a sexual predator, whoops!

Maybe they are just all terrible. And you can yell and scream at me all you want but it's not like these feelings are coming from nowhere. How many times can I be used and betrayed and still be expected to support the Democrats? I'm too busy fighting the urge to become an accelerationist anyway.

I am not okay today, and it's the Democrats' fault.

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