Monday, April 6, 2020

How Are You?

Hello again, dear blog readers. It sure is another week again, huh?

Remember when Donald Trump won the 2016 election and we were all in shock and like "how are we just supposed to keep going to work like everything is normal?" This is kind of like that, only it's harder to get used to because every day there's an actual death count being updated and also a lot of people aren't going to work like everything is normal. I still am, but work is all about the coronavirus.

What's the same is that I still feel like I should be doing more to help people but am stressed to the max so I just stay home and play video games and feel different. What's different is that I'm not supposed to socialize, and I only go to the store once per week, and it's an eerie and tense experience. I keep forgetting myself and trying to make eye contact and smile at people and they keep awkwardly looking away instead of smiling back and it's just so weird.

Also, Boris Johnson might die.

I'm getting real tired of things not being normal. Which is also weird because honestly, the normal we were in was awful. Part of me is so relieved at all the headlines declaring that things will never go back to normal.

Life is a series of paradoxes and it gets old fast.

I'm feeling relatively okay. I'm working during the weekdays and getting through it. I'm having some trouble sleeping but it's not terrible. I'm just going week by week. Eventually there will be a vaccine and the virus will recede and we'll have to do the work to demand the changes to society that would have prevented so many deaths if we'd already made them, and hold accountable those who stood in the way of those changes.

Keep surviving. That's my plan.

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