Monday, April 27, 2020

Give Yourself Some Credit

It's another Monday and I'm still churning out articles for work during a global pandemic trying to ignore the reports of people my age suffering strokes because of the virus when I get migraine with aura, anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

In the spirit of "Give Yourself A Break," let's also do a "give yourself some credit" challenge. Many of us still have regular responsibilities, and doing normal everyday shit is a LOT harder under significant stress, which is what you are experiencing right now. I know, you might feel a little more normal because you are starting to get used to it but that doesn't mean your stress level is necessarily lowered.

The point is that everything you're doing right now is an accomplishment. If you're doing something extra to increase your mental health, that's incredible. If you're doing something extra to help people, that's simply amazing. If you're just surviving, that's fantastic.

I have trouble with this too, so I'll start. I've been trying to go on walks again for the sake of my mental and physical health, starting out real slow with just one a week, then two per week last and this week, and so far I've been keeping that commitment. I plan to keep increasing the frequency slowly until I get to walking almost every day, and then I'd like to start doing upper body exercises too.

Another reason for this is so that I can keep up in the coming riots, but let's not worry about that now.

I've even been doing extra cleaning projects on the weekend, not for sanitation but just for mental health. This weekend I cleaned out and organized the cabinet with all the sheet pans and other random kitchen crap, including putting almost everything in there through the dishwasher to get rid of years of caked-on dust. Now I can actually use my wok, or one of the three pie crust dishes I for some reason have. And I can open it to get the strainer without worrying about a stack of sheet pans falling on my foot.

The weekend before me and Addison deep cleaned the bathroom, and I vacuumed (normal but infrequent chore) and even dusted both the bedroom and general living area, including the blinds, which were SO DUSTY.

Next weekend I'm cleaning the couch as much as is possible without a wet vac or whatever.

I feel so good about doing these things! I've also been working and blogging and checking on my Discord support group which has come in handy even though it's supposed to be about the threat of climate change but I can't think about that shit right now lol.

Anyway, I'm pretty extraordinary for doing all that. Now it's your turn. Anything that you're doing to take care of yourself right now is wonderful, and you deserve credit. I think you're doing amazing! A+! You rule!

I want to see every single one of you doing this:

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