Monday, April 13, 2020

Democrats Used And Betrayed Survivors

I'm not actually surprised that this happened but that doesn't mean I'm not angry about it, as we should all be. Democrats are actively ignoring the sexual assault allegations by Tara Reade after hijacking and exploiting the #MeToo movement and other movements (often created by vulnerable women of color who then are never given the credit they deserve by the establishment) for their own gain.

This just gives more credence to the argument that Democrats are not actually better than Republicans, they just put on an act to try and get the votes of people they don't really give a single fuck about. I'm not saying that's true, and you know I recognize the astonishing level of harm that Republicans have done, but it gets harder and harder to argue against, doesn't it?

And I can't help but feel right now like at least Republicans never led me on like this. They never pretended to be my friend. Or if they did, they did a really bad job.

Regardless, what you can't deny any further is that Democrats are not different from Republicans when it comes to sexual assault and how they treat women who aren't useful to them and/or become a problem for them. I've seen Democrats, including prominent mainstream feminists, use the exact same arguments for ignoring and maligning Tara Reade that Republicans used to attack Dr. Ford to prop up Brett Kavanagh. "Isn't it convenient," they say, "that this is just coming out now that we're about to hand a ton of power to this rich white man."

Never mind that Tara Reade has been trying to get this recognized by the media and larger public for literally decades. But the Time's Up people were tied to Biden, so they refused. Even now, it's not convenient, because it's too late to stop Biden from becoming the nominee. The sparse and reluctant reporting done on Reade's story has been almost entirely ignored by Democratic politicians, no matter how lefty, because even the decent ones are terrified of speaking out, whether because they think it will hand Trump the 2020 election or because they know it will be the end of their careers. At least as Democrats.

I won't believe for a second that the Democratic leadership saw this coming, and they chose to steamroll Bernie Sanders and prop up Biden anyway. Again, that was their choice, and they are now putting all of their energy into trying to guilt and scare leftists, survivors, and women into voting for Biden and setting us up to be blamed if/when Biden loses.

I'm going to be honest. I think Trump will win this November. I just don't see how Democrats win using the same tactics from 2016 with a worse candidate who no one is excited about, facing worsened voter suppression tactics and the uphill battle against an incumbent. In spite of everything, Trump's approval rating has remained about the same as ever, and it's been boosted by the coronavirus crisis. So just prepare yourself emotionally.

But the fault will be the ones with the power and privilege to have all the data and expert opinions and know that they would have to betray survivors and women for Joe Biden who went ahead and did that anyway. They jumped on board the #MeToo train and attacked Republicans with #BelieveWomen and declared that every survivor should be believed and listened to and not attacked and swept under the rug when it was convenient for them. Now they're turning around and acting exactly like the Republicans they once derided, becoming hypocrites and traitors and exposing themselves as cynical opportunists.

And we're supposed to vote for them? And we're the bad ones if we refuse to vote for the candidate they consolidated their power to basically install as the nominee?

No. They will do everything they can, they will attack every single one of their voters, every single woman, every single survivor if it means holding on to their power. By ignoring the accusations against Joe Biden and smearing Tara Reade, they have shown their true faces.

Fuck them. Don't let them guilt you. Don't let them scare you. Don't let them blame you for what they did to themselves and to all of us.

That's on them. End of story.

And if you call me a Trump supporter for saying this there's going to be a part of me that hopes your anus turns inside out.

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