Tuesday, March 17, 2020


Ok so uh, this coronavirus thing has gotten really intense. A lot is being shut down in my area and the future is uncertain. I'm trying to stay calm but honestly, I'm having trouble sleeping. I keep catching myself lying awake at night just thinking about the pandemic and what might happen after, how bad the economy could get, what will happen if I and/or my partner lose our jobs, and just how fucking bizarre the world is right now.

As usual part of me just wants to check out and avoid thinking about it. I spend the first part of my day writing about everything coronavirus for work and yesterday I didn't even have the brain space to even think about blogging. All I want to do is smoke weed and play video games and maybe hide under the covers.

Some of what's been going on is actually overall really good? Like hoooooooly crap, the coronavirus has killed the myth that the government just doesn't have the money to do things like UBI. Mitt Motherfucking Romney's out here like "hashtag Yang Gang," demanding Americans be given $1000 per month, and Kamala Harris is getting yelled at for only asking for half that. Everything is upside-down and hey, maybe this could be a jumping-off point for some truly progressive policies around the world but also nothing makes sense anymore and that scares me.

My head feels weird and my stomach is nervous and it doesn't help that death by viral infection is my nightmare scenario. I know I am not at risk at all but I blame the Kent School District for making me watch Outbreak for science class at age 13 or 14, that movie was highly inaccurate but also scarred me for life.

"Zero Educational Value, Only Trauma" should be the official slogan of the U.S. public school system.

I like to plan, is the thing. I might just go and breathe into a paper bag for a minute. Stay safe, everyone.

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