Thursday, March 19, 2020

The Time For Revolution Is Now

Alright, I'm pretty much over the initial shock of realizing that the entire economy could really come crashing down from this pandemic and ready to raise the call.

I read once that nobody can predict when revolution will happen, but given enough time, a spark will appear and with the right conditions can light a fire practically overnight. It feels like the coronavirus pandemic could be that spark, and the kindling of barely-scraping-by poverty and simmering resentment for the ruling class from generations of young people who have it worse than their parents is dry and widespread.

I did not expect Republicans, including the actual man who is Donald Trump, to call for the kinds of things I've been screaming into the void about while liberals dismiss me as being an unreasonable dreamer. It's incredible to see proposals from the center to the right for things that two weeks ago were absolutely impossible to pay for and/or would destroy the country forever. The only explanation that makes sense to me is that they can see the writing on the wall.

One in five working people in the U.S. has been laid off or had their hours reduced because of the coronavirus. I see word of people losing their jobs every day. The stock market is fucked. And this is only the beginning. The coronavirus could devastate this country for many months, and in fact the longer it takes for us all to get it and become immune, assuming this thing doesn't mutate any time soon, the better. That's the whole "flatten the curve" thing they keep talking about.

Our economy can't handle everything being shut down for that long. What are they going to do when half the population is unemployed, homeless, and hungry?

This is why people like me say "eat the rich." It's not instructions. It's a warning.

I'm not saying that we should reject any kind of relief package, no matter who they come from. People need help. But don't let it placate you. We can take their offerings and demand more. We can use this opportunity to point out that the government can do all these things and more at a moment's notice. They tried to convince us that they simply couldn't. They lied.

At the same time, there are plenty of dirtbag companies out there refusing to give their employees sick leave or their tenants any leeway on rent or bills. We need to hold these assholes as examples of the heartlessness of capitalism.

Overall, we need to push the idea that this kind of crisis, which will in all likelihood leave millions dead in the U.S. alone, is inevitable under capitalism. The system is unstable and our lives are being destroyed by it because Republicans and neoliberals have whittled away at the social safety net for decades -- something that is also inevitable under capitalism. And at the same time, continue to hold up the real workers of the world -- nurses, grocery stockers, delivery drivers, all the people growing and shipping and preparing our food -- as the real drivers of our society. Without them, everything collapses.

Finish freaking out and gather your resolve, comrades. Our time has come.

And now, so I don't feel embarrassed about being so dramatic, here's a silly gif:

I fucking love Korg, you guys.

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