Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Republicans Want Poor People To Die

Some of you may have thought I was exaggerating when I've said that in the past but now we have an ever-worsening pandemic that we don't even know the scope of yet in the U.S. because our healthcare system is deeply terrible and:

Trump says he wants to ease up on coronavirus related shutdowns 'pretty soon' amid concerns about economy

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: ‘Lots of Grandparents’ Willing to Die to Save Economy for Grandchildren

Just the introduction of a false choice between letting the elderly die (ignoring the young people who are chronically ill, immunocompromised, pregnant, etc.) and having millions die from poverty in the future is incredible and shows that no matter what, Republicans would rather let millions die than implement any kind of socialist-adjacent policy or allow the death of their precious capitalism, which kills millions yearly via poverty anyway.

If you don't want to bring it all down after this I don't know what to say to you.

We can save a lot of people if we want. Republicans would rather hold on to their wealth and power while millions die. Same as it ever was, this virus has just put it directly in the sunlight.

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