Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Here's The Sexual Assault Allegation Against Joe Biden

Well, this was extremely inevitable. Captain Creepy Massage has been accused of sexual assault by a woman named Tara Reade. Unfortunately, it gets worse than that. This poor woman was assaulted in 1993 and has been trying to get survivor support organizations to help her get the word out against former Vice President Hair Sniffer, but she was denied time and time again because these organizations were afraid to take on the Democratic establishment.

Time’s Up said it could not fund a #MeToo allegation against Joe Biden, citing its nonprofit status and his presidential run.

By February, she learned from a new conversation with Time’s Up, which also involved Director Sharyn Tejani, that no assistance could be provided because the person she was accusing, Biden, was a candidate for federal office, and assisting a case against him could jeopardize the organization’s nonprofit status.

Am I the only one who thinks it's messed up that organizations like Time's Up can't speak out against presidential candidates? People running for president are at the top of my list of people I would like to know about if they have a history of sexual assault.

Although that may not actually be a thing.

Ellen Aprill, a professor of tax law at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, said that Time’s Up’s analysis is too conservative, and the group wouldn’t be putting its tax-exempt status at risk by taking a case involving a candidate for federal office as long as it followed its standard criteria for taking on cases.

So, what, is this just another case of liberals being liberals and not actually caring at all about women or survivors or anybody beyond how they can be exploited for money and votes? Because that's what I've come to expect.

I'm not exactly sure how Reade was finally able to get around the Democratic establishment and get this all out into the open, but #IBelieveTara is trending on Twitter now. I just feel so sorry for her now, because you can bet she's going to get a ton of harassment, accusations of trying to hand Trump the election and/or being a Russian asset. All from Democrats. And Democrats will be accused of hypocrisy by the right, which they will deserve.

Tweet some support for Tara if you're able, because life it going to get rough for her. And I'm going to again appeal to people to vote for Bernie Sanders in the primaries, because he's spending all his time and resources right now fighting the coronavirus pandemic and not being creepy with women. Thanks.

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