Monday, March 2, 2020

Headline of the Month

Haven't done one of these in a while because I kind of forgot about it but was immediately reminded by this:

A male lawmaker worries women will abuse a tax break to hoard tampons

They mean "cis male," of course.

It's just so hilarious how people like state Sen. Joey Hensley don't seem to put a second of thought into their bullshit arguments meant to cover up the fact that they just fucking hate the poor. Why would we buy more tampons than we need just because they cost like a dollar less per box? We use only as many tampons as we need. The only reason we might use more is because those of us who are barely making ends meet might feel like they could change it a little more often rather than risking infection by leaving them in longer than we really want to.

I don't personally use tampons, but I have in the past delayed changing pads, risking a messy situation, because at the time they sure seemed expensive.

But seriously, what does this guy think? We're gonna start changing them every 15 minutes just for fun? Because it's not actually a hoot. Or does he think we're going to use them for something else?

Because I don't think a lack of sales tax on pads and tampons is going to inspire too many more people to do shit like this:

Googling "art made from tampons" is an interesting experience.

People are just so goddamn weird, and I don't mean whoever made the tampon chandelier. This bill would only include these products in an annual three-day weekend "tax holiday" they do in Tennessee in which many other things can be bought without sales tax. I would assume that people would be more interested in items that cost a bit more than everyday period products and it doesn't seem like the bill to include period products would result in much of a dent in Tennessee's revenue.

Is the lie really worth it? It's not like we're trying to make tampons and pads available for free like they did in Scottland.

Not yet, anyway.

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