Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Everybody Hate-Tweets (Not Just Bernie Supporters)

Wish I had seen this yesterday but I've been super busy due to my own procrastinating so real quick check it out, data has solved the mystery of which Democratic candidate's supporters harass people the most on Twitter.

The answer, as I suspected because I am very good at everything, is NO ONE'S:

Jeff Winchell, a computational social scientist and graduate student at Harvard University, crunched the numbers on tweet data and found that Sanders' supporters online behave the same as everyone else. Winchell used what is called a sentiment analysis, a technique used both in the digital humanities and in e-commerce, to gauge emotional intent from social media data. 
"Bernie followers act pretty much the same on Twitter as any other follower," Winchell says of his results. "There is one key difference that Twitter users and media don't seem to be aware of.... Bernie has a lot more Twitter followers than Twitter followers of other Democrat's campaigns," he added, noting that this may be partly what helps perpetuate the myth.

Everybody sucks on Twitter, hope you didn't not vote for Bernie because of the Bernie Bro myth, I fear that today will be horrible and Biden will get the nomination and lose to Trump and we'll all be fucked, I'm so tired I might even sleep through today after I'm done with work, I hate everything except you byeeeeeeeeee.

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