Monday, February 24, 2020

The Harvey Weinstein Trial And My Bottomless Exhaustion

I looked through my entire gif collection to try and find one that could express how tired this whole thing makes me feel and this is the closest I could get:

There's nothing else I can yell about on the topic of rape culture. It's all been said. I feel like I don't even have any more anger to express about it. Every time it pops up, all I have left to feel is tired. And when I pay attention to and try to explore that feeling of emotional and mental exhaustion, sometimes it seems so deep and vast that I'm astonished I can function at all.

Anyway, Harvey "Serial Rapist" Weinstein was convicted of criminal sexual assault in the first degree and rape in the third degree today. He was acquitted of two other charges of predatory sexual assault, which comes with a maximum punishment of a life sentence, and then there was a fifth charge which I don't know what happened to it because I can barely skim over one article on the subject.

Anyway, it sounds like with these charges Weinstein would get a minimum of six and a half years in prison, though if the supposed health problems that the rapist has been milking for every drop are real, he'll probably be dead tomorrow. In reality, his lawyers said they will definitely appeal, so this will be dragged out for god knows how much longer and he may end up acquitted of all charges. But at least the judge in this case sent Weinstein directly to jail, so he'll get to experience some of that horror even if I don't personally love reveling in someone's having to go to prison, which I am generally against.

So. Goddamn. Tired.

Some are calling this result "bittersweet" but it doesn't feel either bitter or sweet. It sucks that he was acquitted of anything, it sucks that his victims had to go through the horror of testifying, it sucks that his lawyers will appeal, it sucks that any of this exists in the first place. I feel terrible for the victims of the crimes that resulted in the other charges, I feel terrible for the victims whose charges were never considered in the first place, and I want to feel happy for the women who did get some semblance of justice today but I have a hunch that they don't feel great themselves.

I hope some people (the ones who are on the right side of history on this, I mean) feel good about the verdict but I get the impression that a lot of women and survivors are feeling a whole lot like me today. Men, please put more effort into ending rape culture. Please make sure there are no more Harvey Weinsteins. This whole things sucks and should never have happened in the first place. This awful, evil shit needs to end.

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