Thursday, February 20, 2020

The Centrist Attacks On Bernie Sanders Are Just Sad

I don't even know what centrists are doing in terms of trying to draw support away from Bernie Sanders. I mean who knows, maybe it will work, but it doesn't seem like a good strategy to try and lean into Bernie's "being ridiculously rich is bad for everyone else" philosophy, which I thought centrists didn't like, in order to attack Bernie for having some money.

This is apparently supposed to be an actual attack on Bernie. I guess what they're going for is trying to paint him as a hypocrite for having kind of a lot of money in comparison to average people while pushing the idea that having a billion dollars or more is maybe too much and they should probably be taxed quite a lot if they have that much cash lying around.

I just don't think it works very well. Bernie is worth about $1.2 million. Most of the remaining Democratic candidates are worth more than that, including the most centrist candidates (on a U.S.-based scale, at least). Joe Biden is worth $9 million and I'm sure he has a vacation home himself. Then, of course, there's Michael Bloomberg. Want to see his house?

Which one? The one in New York that he bought for $3.5 million in 1986 and has added on to, bringing it to a total of 12,500 square feet? Or the one in London that's only 6,266 sqft but is worth $25 million?

Yes, Bernie has some money. They actually pay Senators quite a lot. If you're going to try and paint him as some kind of dangerous socialist who wants to take away all your money and stuff, stop pointing out that he has money and stuff. If you want to paint having enough money for a vacation home on the lake as bad, then you can't be supporting people who have a crap load more money than he does.

Figure your shit out.

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