Friday, February 7, 2020

Revisiting Pete Buttigieg

Since the race for the Democratic nomination seems to be coming down to Pete vs. Bernie, which I did not see coming, let's take another look at Buttigieg as a candidate. I did a post on Pete back in March 2019 and rated him a C+. It was a bit difficult to figure out exactly where he might land on the political spectrum due to his limited political experience and the fact that his campaign website didn't actually say anything about his positions on the issues. That has now changed.

A quick going over of the issues the new page addresses reveals that Pete is on the same page as Liz and Bernie on a good number of issues, but he shows his more moderate politics in plenty of key areas. His "Medicare for All Who Want It" plan is still shit and the disingenuousness of it still pisses me the fuck off. Same goes for his college plan, which provides free college to 80% of people whose parents have incomes under 100,000 per year, still ignoring the issue of financial abuse.

Another thing that really stands out is an apparent lack of any plan to tax the rich. It's definitely not on the list on the main page, though it might be buried somewhere, but it seems that if Pete does want to tax the rich, he's not trying to let people know about it. Might upset his wine cave pals, maybe.

There's also still the matter of his shitty handling of the racism in his police department.

I see Pete as being somewhere between Biden and Warren. He's more moderate than I would like, more imperialistic, more pro-military and pro-police. He does not say anything on his campaign website about abolishing or even reforming ICE, at least not mentioning the department by name. He is very much a reform guy and often doesn't give as many specifics as Warren about his plans, very often falling back on language about making things better with small, easily-reversed-by-the-next-republican-president changes.

I'm going to do a deeper profile on Pete next week, but for now I'm just going to say that I don't really understand why people like him so much. And yes, it would be nice to have a gay president, but not at the expense of people who need good healthcare or racial justice.

Support Bernie or Liz instead. Preferably Bernie.

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