Monday, February 3, 2020

Happy Iowa Caucus Day Ugh Fuck

Anybody else surprisingly anxious about the Iowa caucuses today? I really shouldn't be surprised, considering the fact that I'll get anxious over just about anything and also if Joe Biden gets the nomination I'm gonna be real tempted to just give up on politics forever.

Anyhoo, I did kinda sorta finish the policy positions part of that spreadsheet comparing Bernie and Liz. At the very least, every issue I came up with is filled in and it's decently organized now, though I feel there are many more issues that could probably be addressed. It's completely lacking their positions on farmer issues because I have absolutely no knowledge on that shit, which is definitely not good. We leftists need to reach out to farmers and the rural community way more. They are our comrades and we've neglected them horribly.

Depending on how today goes, I might not bother comparing their records because it's kind of seeming like it's not going to come down to Bernie vs. Liz like I was hoping. Early polls indicate she's in 4th behind fucking Buttigeig, and Bernie and Joe are neck and neck. But who knows at this point.

If you need general help deciding who to support, hopefully you don't live in Iowa because you have like two hours to figure it out, but also I found some other helpful resources during the making of the Bernie vs. Liz spreadsheet:

Politico lists a bunch of key issues and sorts the candidates based on their general positions. It's pretty basic but it's a great place to start.

The Network for Public Education Action gives each candidate a letter grade on key education issues with an explanation for each grade. Bernie Sanders looks to be valedictorian in this group.

As usual, I'm also touting Vote Smart if you want a complete list of each candidate's voting record. It's a slog going through everything, especially for the older career politicians like Bernie, Liz, and Joe. They also have a "positions" section that outlines many of the most popular issues with a helpful indicator of whether their position has been stated outright or whether Vote Smart has inferred it from their various statements and actions. You can also view their ratings from various organizations and look at their speeches and funding sources.

We're gonna get through this year, folks. We're gonna do it together. Just hang on.

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