Thursday, February 6, 2020

Good News: Humanitarians Who Left Water For Migrants Un-Convicted

Hey we need some good news this week, yeah? A decent judge heard the case of the humanitarian activists who were leaving food and water in the desert for migrants and overturned their convictions. They were charged with trespassing in early 2018, but, wisely, appealed.

Judge overturns convictions of volunteers who left food and water in desert for migrants

"Defendants met their burden of establishing that their activities were exercises of their sincere religious beliefs, and the Government failed to demonstrate that application of the regulations against Defendants is the least restrictive means of accomplishing a compelling interest," Márquez concluded.

The next paragraph is fucked up, though:

Monday's reversal of the four convictions is the latest blow to government prosecutors who sought to take a tougher stance and prosecute humanitarian-aid workers in the past two years.

Imagine being the kind of person who seeks to take a tougher stance against HUMANITARIAN-AID WORKERS. Why is this country allowed to say anything about the human rights abuses in other nations?

Still, glad the convictions were overturned. Hopefully prosecutors will leave it the fuck along instead of voluntarily setting fire to their own souls.

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