Wednesday, January 29, 2020

WA State Republican Congressman Is Literally A Domestic Terrorist

So over here in Washington State, one of our representatives for the fucking federal government is actually a domestic terrorist. Trump has his base all riled up about refugees and asylum seekers who are less likely to hurt anybody than a U.S. citizen, actual fascists want you to think that antifa are terrorists, and people have the nerve to call the leader of another country's military a terrorist. But will Representative Matt Shea face any consequences for LITERALLY BEING A DOMESTIC TERRORIST?

That's a long list of evidence there in that report concluding that Rep. Matt Shea, Republican congressman, is a domestic terrorist.

Yet instead of like uhhhhhh arresting him for the crime of domestic terrorism like anybody who wasn't a rich powerful white man would be, the only consequences he's seen were to be suspended from the Republican caucus, resulting in him losing his office (the room, not his position as a lawmaker) and his committee assignments. Meanwhile, other Republicans have called for his reinstatement.

For example, the Grays Harbor Republican Party passed a resolution accusing one co-author of the Shea report of being “a far left socialist democrat contributor and Marxist …” The resolution called Shea “a great representative” and requested his reinstatement.

Gotta love that sweet American justice.

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