Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Trump Administration To Expand "Travel Ban"

Hey. Remember when Trump instituted a Muslim ban and we all freaked out? But now the Overton window has shifted so dramatically because we weren't able to stop it and everyone's focused on the massive sham circus that is the Senate impeachment trial?

Well the so-called "travel ban" is not only still a thing, but Trump's gonna expand it to include seven other mystery countries and basically create a partial immigration ban.

Unlike the travel restrictions currently in place, the new rules could limit certain immigrant visas from the additional countries, said a US government official — essentially creating a partial immigration ban. 
Not all of the restrictions are uniform, said the official, adding that the proposal limits some immigrant visas from one country and other visas from another.

The new ban is "still under review" and apparently there's fuck all we can do about it. Trump won't say which countries will be added but I bet they're full of a certain type of people, I do.

Meanwhile the U.S. continues to lock away tens of thousands of migrants every month, banking a total of 851,508 "apprehensions" in the fiscal year 2019. Only 126,001 were deemed "inadmissible." It continues to be very difficult to figure out how many people are currently detained.

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