Friday, January 17, 2020

Oakland Police Evict Black Mothers With Riot Gear And Armored Vehicles

What a great country we have, full of so much freedom and people being allowed to live without being oppressed by big mean oppressive governments hahahahaha I'm just kidding.

Cops in Riot Gear Evict Homeless Mothers From Vacant House

So these four black homeless mothers have been engaging in civil disobedience, protesting aggressive eviction practices and gentrification by occupying a vacant house that was bought up by a house-flipping company. You know, those assholes who snatch up all the affordable places to live and makes them expensive and sells them to my fellow white people. And by "occupying," I mean fixing up the place themselves and paying the bills and living there with their children who would have been homeless otherwise.

So police came in armored vehicles that are basically tanks and riot gear and bashed down their door with a battering ram and arrested two of them, along with two protesters that had come to be like "hey maybe don't force these people to be homeless again to benefit the rich."

The video of the whole affair is horrifying and deeply, deeply American.

The women have thankfully been released on bail thanks to funds raised by decent human beings. But this country is an absolute atrocity and I don't understand why so many of us think it's right to throw mothers and children out onto the street because rich people are allowed to buy up all the houses and leave them empty for obscene profits.

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