Friday, January 10, 2020

Direct Action: Vulture Poop Edition

This is too funny.

Feces from a giant kettle of vultures is disrupting CBP communications on the US-Mexico border

The birds in the Texas tower have been roosting there for more than six years, a CBP spokesperson told Quartz, adding, “They will often defecate and vomit from their roost onto buildings below that house employees and equipment. There are anecdotes about birds dropping prey from a height of 300 feet, creating a terrifying and dangerous situation for those concerned.”


First of all, if CBP employees don't like the smell of 10,000 corpses or the threat of rotting meat bombs, they should totally quit their jobs. Secondly, the article explicitly explains how you can attract flocks of vultures to certain areas. I wonder how difficult it would be to sneak some placenta into the area of CBP radio towers?

Regardless, thank you for your service, comrade vultures.

(The internet is weird.)

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