Monday, December 30, 2019

Top 10 Worst Trends Of The Decade

Someone on Twitter pointed out that every article they had seen with a headline like this had left out some very important and very shitty trends. So here's my take on the decade as we wind up the last days of the 2010s.

The 10 Worst Trends Of 2010-2019, In No Particular Order:

  1. The global resurgence of fascism.
  2. The increase in white supremacist activity.
  3. The increase in racist and antisemitic hate crimes.
  4. The yearly increase of trans people murdered for being trans, especially black trans women.
  5. The yearly spiking of income inequality.
  6. The continuing monopolization of industries as part of late-stage capitalism.
  7. The degradation of worker rights and benefits.
  8. The increase in prison populations along with worsening conditions thanks to privatization.
  9. The rising rates of mental illness and suicide.
  10. The increase in the number of unhoused people in the U.S. as millions of homes sit empty.

Now, because I'm trying to focus more on positive stuff for my own sake, and because that didn't take long, I've just now decided to add a Best Trends Of The Decade In No Particular Order list:

  1. The global resurgence of anti-fascist activism.
  2. The improvement of LGBTQ+ rights and protections overall.
  3. The increased understanding and awareness of gender identity and trans issues.
  4. #MeToo and the increase in powerful men facing consequences for sexual harassment.
  5. The rise of acceptance for different body types.
  6. The overall increase of diversity in popular media.
  7. The increase of women and people of color running for office and winning.
  8. The increase in youth activism and political engagement.
  9. #BlackLivesMatter and the fight against police brutality.
  10. Nazis getting punched and covered in milkshake.

It's been quite a decade. May the 20s be much, much better.

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