Monday, December 2, 2019

Recommended Reading

I've been busy trying to get a new phone set up today and almost forgot to blog so here's just something I read over the long weekend. It's a pretty long article but worth the time.

Be warned that the headline does not adequately capture the piece.

The Collapse of Civilization May Have Already Begun

That's clickbait. What the article really goes over is the views of a number of different climate scientists on how bad the climate situation is and whether it will cause society to collapse. The real answer to that last part is that climate scientists can't predict societal collapse because that requires expertise they don't have. Societal collapse involves economics, politics, and sociology. In fact, there's a whole field of study on how societies collapse completely separate from climate change.

The piece also makes the interesting point that on a small scale, there have been collapses related to or even caused by climate change. Syria, for example, has pretty much collapsed into ongoing civil war that resulted in a refugee crisis, and the tipping point for that whole mess was a famine caused by a crop failure caused by climate change.

And finally, it explores what societal collapse actually means. Something that is considered to be a "collapse" doesn't necessarily mean Mad Max. Don't get me wrong, it'll be bad for a lot of people. But it might just end up being a rapid transition period that could launch humanity into something better. Kind of like how wildfires allow for new growth. The difference is that in this situation, some humans will definitely die and already have. Sometimes from wildfires. You know what I mean.

I went into it thinking it would validate my feelings of hopelessness and instead it got me thinking about the entire idea of collapse differently. It's weird because on a distant, macro level I wonder if this is all a good thing that could even spell the death of capitalism and allow us to finally have something better. On a micro level, though, I don't want anybody to suffer or die before their time.

Also, there is still some possibility that climate change will wipe out the entire human species, and I definitely don't want that. We definitely still need to change course like right now. Please?

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