Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Pennsylvania Fights For The 'Most Ridiculous Abortion Bill' Crown

The war to out anti-choice each other continues between U.S. states. Here's the latest bullshit dreamed up by a Republican only interested in scoring points with the religious right:

A Pennsylvania bill would require death certificates for fertilized eggs that never implant in the uterus

Failure to produce a death certificate for an expelled fertilized egg could result in a $50 to $300 fine or up to 30 days in prison.

50% of fertilized eggs do not implant. Half. For every pregnancy that happens, there's a zygote that, for whatever reason, failed to implant and was expelled via menstruation. And for every time that happens, Pennsylvania Republicans want to waste money and paper on a death certificate for reasons that include ??????? and misogyny.

But that's only half of why this bill is absolutely absurd. The other half is that fertilized eggs that don't implant dissolve in the uterus into something indistinguishable from the rest of the menstrual material. So if you thought that the bill would require menstruating people to sift through the blood and mucus and tissue for a teeny tiny zygote, typically about 0.1 mm in diameter, you were wrong, because the egg won't even be there.

This is the second time in as many weeks that Republicans have tried to pass anti-abortion bills which require something that is actually impossible. First, Ohio requiring doctors to re-implant ectopic pregnancies, which is impossible, and now Pennsylvania requiring people who make eggs to get death certificates for their expelled fertilized eggs, which are impossible to detect.

This is why I can't take a single thing that anti-choicers say seriously. You know, other than the general "we're going to get abortions banned." I take that seriously. But nothing else.

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