Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Everyone, And I Mean Everyone, Should Get Free College


The more I hear the argument that universal college education is bad because that means kids from rich families get it for free, too, the angrier I get. It's not because I love rich people, it is extremely obvious that this is not the case. It's because it's such a disingenuous argument that's online designed to obscure and convolute the issue. Every one of use should be angry at any politician who tries to pull this on us.

Obviously we could make an income threshold if we wanted. We do that for public services all the time. And if we didn't, there are currently so few families in the U.S. that would be unaffected by a bill in the tens or hundreds of thousands, which is what a four-year college education costs in this country, that an income threshold probably wouldn't save us much money while just increasing bureaucracy.

The Democratic candidates who use this bullshit argument, namely Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar​, are intelligent and well-education people. They know that this argument is just a distraction meant to cloud the issue so that nobody gets free college. We've already seen how, as the field narrows, Buttigieg is drifting further right and evidence of his progressiveness being a show is building. I have no doubt that if he were to become president, free college and Medicare for All will be left in the dust.

But it's more than just that, though that is plenty enough. Brigid Keely, as well as some others, pointed out on Twitter recently that even if rich parents can pay for their kids' college, that doesn't mean they will.

We've all heard stories about kids whose parents would only pay for their college education if they studied a particular thing, regardless of what the kid wanted. And even I can admit that some children of rich people don't end up being assholes. In fact, some are queer or trans and are disowned by their rich families, left with absolutely nothing and end up homeless. Do they not deserve free college? Do you really want to have a system where someone has to go through the process of trying to prove that their parents are abusive, homophobic, and/or transphobic assholes who won't pay for their education even though they can?

Any time you start trying to decide who does and does not deserve things like basic necessities, rights, or a path to a secure future, someone is going to end up fucked. And chances are, that person is going to be someone who is already oppressed by our society.

Long story short, centrist Democrats trying to pose as progressives hate abused, trans, and queer kids and are also lying fucksticks who can go lick the underside of a pickup truck.

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