Thursday, December 19, 2019

Donald Trump Got Impeached!!


This was very predictable but still, I've been waiting nearly three years for this day and it was so satisfying to watch that vote counter roll over from 215 to 216, the minimum number of votes necessary to impeach Trump. Then again for the second article of impeachment.

If you didn't know, impeachment does not mean removal from office in this weird country. The actual trial will move to the Senate, which will need a supermajority (67/100 votes) to convict, which would mean Trump's removal from office. Since Republicans are the majority in the Senate and, you know, like this now, this outcome is extremely unlikely.

Regardless, impeachment is a black mark on Trump and the entire Republican party. It's especially satisfying after so many Trump supporters tried to claim that impeachment would help him in the polls. If that were true, Republicans wouldn't have fought so hard against it, and wouldn't be now trying to claim the impeachment was invalid using any excuse they can dream up. Trump himself said he doesn't feel like he's been impeached because something something hoax.

Who was it who said "facts don't care about your feelings"?

Democrats are now considering delaying sending over the articles of impeachment to the Senate, without which they will be unable to hold the trial. This has made Republicans really mad and is really funny, especially when you remember how they did the same thing to Merrick Garland, who should have been appointed to the Supreme Court by Obama but was stonewalled because Republicans said FUCK DEMOCRACY.

So yeah, I heartily approve of them fucking with Republicans on this.

Once it does go to the Senate, Republicans will rush it through as fast as possible and refuse to convict. This does not invalidate the impeachment. Bill Clinton and Andrew Jackson were each impeached and not removed, and the impeachment status still stands throughout history. Now, whenever a Trump supported mouths off, you can just say "impeachment." It'll make them so mad.

Do something to celebrate today! There's been so little to celebrate over these past three years. Take some time to focus on the positives and renew your will to fight. Fuck Donald Trump!

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