Friday, November 1, 2019

This is Solidarity

These days, it's not easy to restore my faith in humanity to any extent. However, this video that's been going around of soccer players surrounding a hijabi player from the opposing team because her hijab slipped off during play and shielding her from view so that she could fix it makes my shriveled heart swell.

Even ESPN saw this and was like "some things are more important than sports."

What I love about this is that so many people take sports SO SERIOUSLY and Islamophobia is so prevalent that it's really surprising to me that not only did the women on the opposing team do this for her, they IMMEDIATELY stopped everything even though the ball might have been in play and leapt into action. They recognized the problem, dropped everything, and quickly mobilized to help the hijabi player rather than take advantage of the situation to get the upper hand in the game.

I'm guessing that the hijabi player cried out and that's why they stopped, but I just love how they immediately all turn to her to see what was wrong, like the one player turns away from the ball right away even though she probably could have stopped it from going out of bounds. The humanity of her fellow player, opponent or not, is so much more important to her than the game. This is how it should be. None of this bullshit trying to police what other women wear under the guise of feminism. Just "oh this fellow human needs help let's go," and they helped in the way they should have.

I imagine this also takes some forethought. I feel like in that situation I would have frozen up, as I tend to do, but if I had taken the time to think beforehand that if I ever saw a hijabi player get her hijab partially torn off during a game, I should block her from view, then I might be able to act quickly.

This is how we should act in all aspects of our lives. Helping each other in culturally sensitive ways and putting each other's humanity before anything else. Well done, ladies.

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