Monday, November 4, 2019

I'm Still Mad About The Katie Hill Thing

I already wrote about this but every time I hear about it again I get re-angry about it. The entire debacle is just a perfect representation of patriarchy and rape culture doing their never-ending dance upon the backs of women everywhere.

You folks know how hypocrisy drives me up the fucking wall, yeah? Well, Republicans. You've seen them trying to push the idea that impeachment is an attempt to overturn the 2016 election, probably. This argument is absurd for multiple reasons, including the fact that impeachment doesn't mean removal from office (and historically never has) and the fact that even if the Republican-controlled Senate did remove him from office, Trump would be replaced by Mike Pence, not Hillary Clinton.

Meanwhile, here they are pushing a woman out of office via revenge porn after she fought so hard in a hotly contested district to beat her Republican opponent, the incumbent. Yeah, they were involved.

Hey, California Republicans and Steve Knight in particular:

The worst part about this is that revenge porn is so intensely gendered. I'm sure there are cases out there of women using revenge porn against men, particularly if the man was queer. But imagine if Katie Hill had tried to do this to Steve Knight. Nobody would have cared because men are supposed to be hypersexual, right? Men in power having relationships with the women they have power over is routine. Not to mention the fact that Republican men already have absolutely no shame. We can't even get Steve King out of office for being an open white supremacist.

And while the President is an admitted serial sexual predator with over 100 accusations against him and also is clearly just a blatant criminal barely even trying to hide his various crime, Hill had to suffer what is supposed to be a crime against her and that crime basically forced her to resign. Revenge porn is a crime, is it not? So has her abusive ex been arrested yet? No? Figures.

And what about the Daily Mail? Did they not aid and abet this crime by spreading the private photos around? But hey only 3% of rapists spend even a day in jail so I guess it's too much to expect for any man to be arrested for openly committing a sexual crime.

And I still have people trying to tell me that rape culture isn't real and men are the ones who are really oppressed in this society.

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