Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Rich People Are Spoiled AND Shit's Too Expensive

Okay so another of these ridiculous articles that's like "LOOK HOW HARD THESE RICH FUCKS HAVE IT" is going around and man am I tired of that old story already, or at least I'm tired of responding in the same way. So, not that they deserve it, but I'm gonna utilize a bit of empathy here and talk about why people who make over 10 times more in a year than I do are like this.

No empathy for this kiss-ass Market Watch headline, though.

This budget shows how a $350,000 salary barely qualifies as middle class

Can you just take your head out of that rich people asshole for a second, Shawn? Okay cool.

The real headline might be something like "Rich People Have Ridiculously High Living Standards But Also This Country Is Fucked And Has No Middle Class Anymore" or something along those lines. Market Watch isn't paying me so.

Anyway, the tweet showing this rich people budget is going around Twitter.

Yeah, so, a lot of this family's supposed money problems could be solved by fucking downsizing on that house. What kind of ridiculous house do they have that the mortgage payment is that high?

The problem is that as people get more money and use it to buy more stuff, their standards for living increase without them really noticing, and anything lesser suddenly feels unacceptable. Luxuries become necessities. This is probably a mix of some kind of human psychology combined with a heavily capitalist society that worships things and lives on convincing people to fill that void with more shit. I can't blame rich people for having that void or being affected by society but neither can I blame anybody laughing at the "money problems" of this "struggling" family.

Like do you really have to buy a new crib every month? What are you doing.

But I'm also wondering why so many rich people are so against our government doing anything to actually help the people if this family thinks it's "struggling"? This family could save a whole lot of money with that universal free preschool instead of paying fucking $2,000 per month for one child. Free childcare could save them even more, if they would deign to use it. Those healthcare costs actually seem pretty average, but it should be nothing. And, of course, they could save a lot of money if college was free, and I'm guessing they're sending their kids to private school which I really can't blame people for when our public primary schools are so worthless right now.

Of course, if they're so strapped, you'd think they could go a single month without buying their two kids shit loads of new clothes from Old Navy. I get that kids grow fast but $400 every month? WTF?

Also, if you actually read the article, it's worse.

“Unfortunately, despite making $350,000 a year, this couple will be unable to retire before 60 because they aren’t building an after-tax investment portfolio to generate passive income,” Dogen wrote. “In order for this couple to achieve financial independence, they need to accumulate a net worth equal to at least 25 times their annual expenses — or 20 times their annual gross income.”

They won't be able to retire before 60?????? It's almost as if they're POORS.

Seriously. Rich people live in a completely different world.

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