Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Joe Biden Put His Sexism On Full Display During Debate

The debate last night was, for the most part, kind of dull and frustrating. A lot of the same questions were asked on the same subjects as though neither moderators nor candidates had learned anything in the past few weeks, especially on the issue of Medicare for All. You know, hOw WiLl YoU pAy FoR iT??

Then it ended with a ridiculous question about "friendship" that was a clear nod to the Ellen Degeneres/George W. Bush bullshit but didn't have time for questions on racism or climate change.

But the worse part by far was when Joe Biden snapped at Liz, yelling at her while attempting to take credit for her accomplishments.

Warren's reaction hit me deep right in a wound carried by so many women who have been screamed at by angry, entitled men.

Maybe I'm projecting, but I swear I can see a pain in Warren's eyes and hear it in her voice.

Apparently, Joe thought she as referencing him when she said "I had an idea for a consumer agency that would keep giant banks from cheating people, and all of the Washington insiders and strategic geniuses said ‘don’t even try because you will never get it passed.'"

From that and from context you could infer that Joe might be one of those Washington insiders, but he erased any doubt with his reaction. "I got votes for that bill." Yeah, that was your fucking job as Vice President. To get votes for bills that your party wanted to pass. But Liz did all the rest of the work in creating an entire new government bureau, which can not be easy.

Biden's sexism, which liberal men continue to try and excuse as a product of his time or just something we have to put up with, has real consequences and they were on full display last night. Biden tried to steal credit from Warren and yelled at her with aggressive hand gestures on stage while she was trying to make the case for why she should be the first female President in U.S. history. And every woman who has ever had a man take credit for her ideas/work and/or yell at her in a meeting had a flashback at that moment.

Liz, of course, had the perfect response, thanking Obama for his help rather than Biden. This suggests that Biden really wasn't much help and is also a jab at Biden constantly referencing his black friend for political points. But even as Joe and the audience laughed, you could see the pain on Warren's face. And then, Joe Biden made it somehow worse by INTERRUPTING Warren to say "you did a hell of a job in your job."

This to me says "stay in your place." It's one of those gross, backhanded "compliments" men toss at you after doing shit like taking credit for your work and you get angry about it. "You did a hell of a job at your job, now leave the rest to me, the man, even though you did all the legwork and I did the bare minimum of what is exactly my job."

And I again see the pause, the wheels turning in her head, and that pained tone as she said "thank you." Because she had to, right? Or she's a bitch.

And in the following words, that strain remains for a little while. But then she laid out exactly why she is the kind of progressive candidate we need, saying "no" to little, inconsequential, inoffensive to the rich and powerful establishment changes and going for something that actually helps the rest of us.

Fuck you, Joe Biden. If he gets the nomination I may give up on politics entirely. He was only made VP to appease moderate Dems and try to calm down the racists a bit after Obama was nominated. He doesn't deserve to be President while stronger women with better ideas exist. And there are plenty of them.

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