Monday, October 14, 2019

Happy Indigenous People's Day!

Today is Indigenous People's Day in the city of Seattle and probably other places. We should all know by now that Columbus was a genocidal fuck who should be remembered alongside other genocidal fucks as history's greatest monsters and not have a Day named after him. With that over, here are some great ways you can stand with your local Native communities if you are white or generally not Native!

Someone made (and is still working on) an interactive map you can use to see whose tribal land you're living on if you live in the U.S. or other colonized countries. For example, I live just north of what is/should be the Duwamish border, on Puget Sound Salish/Snohomish land. The map includes a disclaimer that the borders may not be perfect and may not represent the real borders of indigenous tribes, and that local tribes should be contacted for official information on whose land you're living on.

It may be helpful for general educational purposes, and it's also nice to know which tribe you might support with your time, labor, and/or money while you're benefiting from living on their land. The Duwamish tribe, whose borders include Seattle, even has a "real rent" program that asks non-Native people living on their land to set up monthly recurring donations to the Duwamish Tribal Services. That way, it's like you're paying rent to them instead of your probably white landlords or to nobody if you own a home.

The difference is that it's voluntary and the Duwamish tribe simply encourages people to donate what they can based on their unique financial situation. So far, 2848 people in the Seattle area are Real Renters, which is great! I'm pretty sure that's up a good number from the last time I posted about Real Rent.

And, as always, please remind people not to appropriate indigenous cultures on Halloween. Just be Batman.

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