Monday, October 21, 2019

Happy Asexual Awareness Week!

In a move that I was somehow entirely unaware of until the good ace people of Tumblr started spreading it around, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee officially declared this week to be Asexual Awareness Week in the state by signing a proclamation on the 15th.

Check it out:

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Here's the full text, provided by Seattle Aces & Aros, who deserve much/all of the credit for this:

The State of Washington
WHEREAS asexuality is an often unknown and misunderstood sexual orientation; and
WHEREAS people who are asexual but have not heard of asexuality may often feel confused, discouraged, and lonely; and
WHEREAS discovering asexuality can be an affirming, positive, life-changing experience; and
WHEREAS the goal of Asexual Awareness Week is to promote education and understanding about asexuality; and
WHEREAS there are estimated to be at least 70,000 openly identified asexual people in the State of Washington; and
WHEREAS the inclusive and diverse State of Washington is proud to be at the forefront of LGBTQIA+ recognition and acceptance;
NOW, THEREFORE, I, Jay Inslee, Governor of the state of Washington, do hereby proclaim October 20-26, 2019, as
Asexual Awareness Week
in Washington, and I encourage all people in our state to join me in this special observance.
Signed this 15th day of October, 2019
Governor Jay Inslee

Inslee is right in that many people are still entirely unaware of ace and aro people or woefully misinformed on the orientations. The biggest thing people seem to struggle with is grasping the difference between desiring any kind of sexual activity and experiencing sexual attraction. Ace people aren't people who just "don't want to fuck" and aro people aren't people who want to fuck without committing to a relationship.

It's unfortunately necessary to repeatedly remind all readers that this blog is 100% ace/aro inclusive and people who would exclude these lovely folks from LGBTQ+ spaces suck and aren't welcome here.

I love all my ace/aro siblings!

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