Thursday, October 17, 2019

"Fuck Work" Said The Medieval Peasant

I'm never gonna stop randomly reminding you that you shouldn't be working as much as the capitalists are making you work. This is an article for 2016 but I came across it again on Tumblr and I think you should know.

The average American worker takes less vacation time than a medieval peasant

Seriously, read the whole article and be angry.

The Church, mindful of how to keep a population from rebelling, enforced frequent mandatory holidays. Weddings, wakes, and births might mean a week off quaffing ale to celebrate, and when wandering jugglers or sporting events came to town, the peasant expected time off for entertainment. There were labor-free Sundays, and when the plowing and harvesting seasons were over, the peasant got time to rest, too. 
In fact, economist Juliet Shor found that during periods of particularly high wages, such as 14th-century England, peasants might put in no more than 150 days a year. As for the modern American worker? After a year on the job, she gets an average of eight vacation days annually.

Nearly half the fucking year off. And this is from Business Insider. I also see that use of "she" there, Lynn, and I appreciate you.

And the really ridiculous thing is that all this work kills productivity and doesn't increase long-term profits. But capitalism lives on short-term profit bursts that get the few very at the very top make a shit ton of money before they get out.

The rest of us pay the price.

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) the Greeks, who face a horrible economy, work more hours than any other Europeans. In Germany, an economic powerhouse, workers rank second to last in number of hours worked. Despite more time off, German workers are the eighth most productive in Europe, while the long-toiling Greeks rank 24 out of 25 in productivity. 
Beyond burnout, vanishing vacations make our relationships with families and friends suffer. Our health is deteriorating: depression and higher risk of death are among the outcomes for our no-vacation nation.

Stop feeling like a bad person for not wanting to work yourself to an early grave. Start holding capitalists accountable for killing the rest of us with unnecessary work. Don't let them convince you that not wanting to do an unnatural, unhealthy amount of work is a personal or moral failing. Do start leaving images of guillotines in the break room. 

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