Thursday, September 19, 2019

Meet the Man Whose Life Was "Ruined" By a Sexual Assault Allegation

You might have seen the sob story going around about serial sexual predator Harvey Weinstein claiming his life has been "ruined" by the #MeToo movement. As a beautiful and talented friend pointed out to me on Facebook, although the predator's net worth is only a fraction of what it used to be, he still has $50 million to his name. So he'll be just fine. Maybe he can't make movies like he used to but he could live out the rest of his days in luxury, while many of his victims can not.

But that's not the man that the headline is talking about. I'm talking about the man interviewed by sociology PhD candidate Nicole Bedera, who illustrated exactly how much this sexual predator's life had NOT been ruined by the multiple sexual assault accusations against him. In fact, the allegations arguably improved his life.

The thread is pretty long, but here's perhaps the worst part:

This guy actually got fucking laid by using the accusations to gain sympathy. In-fucking-credible.


There will hopefully come a time when sexual predators face actual consequences for their actions and we may need to talk about the possibility of restorative justice if we can ever figure out how to rehabilitate sexual predators. But in 2019, sexual predators, especially rich white men, continue to have massive advantages over their victims and can live their lives as normal, if not better, when caught.

So please stuff your sob stories directly up your asses and fuck off forever.

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