Friday, September 27, 2019

Here's What I Think On The Impeachment Thing

It's been quite a week. Democrats finally launched an impeachment inquiry after a whistleblower exposed possible bribery/quid pro quo by Trump to Ukraine officials, promising a return of funding in exchange for digging up dirt on Joe Biden related to a conspiracy theory that was debunked a while ago.

In a practical sense, I think that maybe Democrats were waiting to begin impeachment proceedings closer to the 2020 election and will try to drag it out as close as they can to next November to maximize their chances of getting Trump the fuck out of there. This makes sense because while impeachment would quite likely happen if they held a vote today, the Republican-controlled Senate is the body that would have to vote whether to convict and remove Trump from office. That is unlikely.

I could be wrong, but it makes sense to me. I'm also not saying that is the right thing to do in a moral sense. I'm not saying I agree with Democrats on this path and I certainly still don't like or trust establishment Dems.

There are some things throwing wrenches into what makes sense to me. I am surprised that any Republicans have come out in favor of impeachment. I am very surprised that Mitch McConnell allowed a vote to release the whistleblower complaint and that all Senate Republicans voted yes. That has me very suspicious. Those fuckers are scheming. They're planning something.

As for the whistleblower thing, I'm seeing some leftists complain that Democrats didn't try to impeach when the administration brought back concentration camps or did any of the other horrific things they've done over the past two years and nine months, and claiming that they're only impeaching now because Trump went after Joe Biden.

The thing is that shit like throwing migrants into concentration camps is not and has never been considered an impeachable offense. And maybe that is the point of some leftists but I think it's worth spelling it out. This country is so fucked up that demands to impeach Trump on the basis of concentration camps was laughed off.

I also don't deny that Democrats are absolutely much more apt and eager to defend the rich white male members of their party than poor people of color. But I think claiming this is just about protecting Joe Biden is off because the conspiracy theory against Joe is complete bunk (there are plenty of real reasons not to elect him anyway) so he doesn't need protection from that, plus Trump has come after Trump and other establishment Dems over and over for his entire time in office. I think it's more likely that this is about timing and the whistleblower complaint was a good opportunity.

I also think it has a lot to do with the fact that this really is a serious infraction. It is a pretty clear case of quid pro quo, which is a classic reason for impeachment.

In a better world, Trump would have been literally disqualified from running for President on the basis of his clear, constant racism. But let's not obscure what is the likely truth. I dunno, it bugged me for some reason. I just don't think this is only about Trump coming after Joe and I think it's probably not much of a reason, if any.

Part of me also honestly hopes that, even though the conspiracy theory about Joe is very likely untrue, people believe it a little and it hurts his presidential run. That might be kind of fucked up but I want those concentration camps closed and I don't trust Biden to do it.

To be more honest, I'm actually a little excited to see how this plays out, and part of me dreams of the day Trump announces his resignation. And I know I KNOW Mike Pence is also terrible, maybe even more so in some ways, but god damn, that would be satisfying. I'm also convinced that Pence won't be able to win if Republicans force Trump to resign. It will enrage the Trump fans and Pence is still plenty awful enough to get centrists out to vote against him.

Whew. Really, anything could happen. I lost faith in my ability to predict shit after Election Day 2016. We'll just have to wait and see how this plays out. Hold on to your butts.

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