Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Fatties Against Fascism: Antifa Tank Division

This story is a month old but I just found it and holy shit I am in love!!!

Fatties Against Fascism Rise Up to Close The Camps

I am only like, mildly to moderately fat and I am able-bodied and do not require a scooter so I don't think I can officially be in the tank division but fuck yes I am joining fatties against fascism. This combines three of my favorite things: Body acceptance, fighting fascism, and taking bigotry from fascists and using it to empower an entire group of people to kick fascist ass.

Even with all my years of fat activism, the trolls had managed to hook my shame. But there is an immunity we build when we do this together. Going out together is self protection. Doing this work together is building our resilience and immunity. When I kept it to myself, I was in a state of shame. When I shared it with others, I remembered that together we are so powerful. Acting together is our medicine against shame.

Me right now:

I just. I love all of this. So much.

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