Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Bystander Saves Man From Forced Deportation

If you're anything like me and constantly wondering what you can do as a tiny insignificant individual against the massive fascist machine imprisoning and deporting migrants to their deaths, check out this incredible hero, Mohammad Ali Musawi.

Don't be like the white passengers literally covering their ears to try and pretend a massive injustice that could easily lead to a man's death and the devastation of his family is happening. You can simply stand up to prevent a place from taking off. Musawi might not have saved this man forever, but he did what he could.

I know we're all a little embarrassed by the hero fantasies we have (let's be honest, we all do it), but I encourage everyone to vividly imagine doing this in this situation over and over, particularly if you regularly fly. You can also apply this to bus situations in which CBP agents board demanding to see papers. In that case, imagine standing up and loudly informing your fellow passengers of their rights, then loudly refusing to hand over any identification to the fascist thugs.

The point is, stand up. If it helps, and let's be honest, it probably does, think about how many Twitter followers you could gain telling the story. Also, follow Musawi.

Stop all deportations.

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