Monday, August 19, 2019

What You Need To Know About The Portland Protests

So on Saturday, Portland was once again overrun with fascists, including Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys, who warmly welcomed their good buddies in the American Guard, who have been labeled by the ADL as "hardcore white supremacists."

Just in case you had any lingering doubt that the fuckheads behind all these Pacific Northwest fascist rallies were anything less than 100% fascist white supremacists.

Anyway, aside from a few brawls and minor injuries, not a lot happened. You might see fascist assholes desperately trying to push the narrative that an antifa individual threw a hammer into a fascist bus. First of all, oh no a single literal hammer-throw, better get these thugs labeled as terrorists right away, right?

In reality, what happened is that as antifa were hurrying the fascists back onto their fascist busses to go back to their fascist homes, one of the fascists attacked and grabbed an antifa person by the shirt and tried to pull them onto the bus, which definitely would have ended badly. As you can see in the following image, it's a fascist who is wielding the hammer, and was reportedly trying to hit the victim with it.

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So the antifa guy in the mask there stole the hammer, then later threw it back into the bus for some reason. Maybe he was trying to hit someone, maybe he just wanted to give it back. Trying to hit a fascist would have been a better reason to throw it, honestly. But the fact is that once again, it was the fascists who instigated real violence and then cried when antifa fought back.

Also, fuck the police, but in particular for dogpiling this random woman who spit in their direction. Seriously.

Hello, yes, we are living in a police state, yeah? Because that's the only kind of state where it's an arrestable offense to spit in the general direction of some cops.

Aside from those two things, the day turned out to be mostly hilarious. I already made a list this morning for my actual job so you know what just go look at that. You'll find marching bands in banana costumes, puppies, unicorns, and dance parties. Keep being you, Portland.

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