Thursday, August 8, 2019

The Dayton Shooter Was A Leftist. And A Misogynist.


We all know by now that the El Paso shooter is a white supremacist, and I say "is" because he was arrested alive, unlike many Black men who commit non-violent crimes or no crimes at all. The Dayton shooter was, as I understand it, a white man who in high school had a list of boys he wanted to kill and a list of girls he wanted to rape.

I read these things when they appeared in front of me on social media but did not specifically look into either of the shootings more than I had to for work, because I have limits to how much horror I can stare directly into. But last night I came across a post on Facebook that I needed to share.

As it turns out, the Dayton shooter identified as a leftist, attended protests against ICE and helped identify KKK members in his area. But, as an anonymous antifa comrade wrote, he also hated women and his shooting was motivated by his misogyny and inability to get a date (probably because he hated the people whom he wanted to date).

If you can't access the Facebook post because you quit Facebook (good for you):

"The Dayton shooter self-identified as a leftist. He went to anti-ICE actions and helped DOX KKK members in Dayton. Certain snapshots of his Twitter very well could be from mine if I had one. He also hated women. He wrote a hit list when he was in high school. He wrote lists of girls he knew and what sexual violence he wanted to enact on them. He was expelled from his high school for this behavior. His parents sent him to therapy. He enrolled in community college, and they thought he was OK. 
He was still sharing violent pornography (mostly hentai which is some of the most misogynistic content you can imagine), fetishizing guns, and listing to music with violently misogynistic lyrics [pornogrind]. 
He targeted a popular date spot on a Saturday night. The first couple he killed was his sister and her boyfriend. He then focused on other couples in line for the bar 
The problem wasn't his politics. It was his misogyny. Just like Elliot Rogers or the scores of other men who have committed mass acts of violence because they hate women. 
His activist circle was blindsided by him doing this. People he went to school with knew it was him before he was named on the news. 
I knew he hated women from a casual glance at his social media. But the men he organized with and did good community work with did not. 
Men. Do not give a pornography gif a pass bc someone has "good class politics". Don't allow men to use misogynistic language or talk about misogynistic media in your spaces. Your alienating women on the left and we're the ones who are going to be able to spot these mass shooters. 
Misogyny kills. Let the women in your circles lead discussions on the actions that make them uncomfortable. Take notes. Get better. Let us in bc without us, you're going to have more of these guys you call your comrades killing innocent people." 
— A Comrade

If we really want to be different from the right, we absolutely need to take responsibility for this. And I think we are, and I think we do, at least a lot lot lot more than the right. But we always need to be vigilant against hatred within our ranks. We still have plenty of misogyny, racism, antisemitism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, fat hatred, etc. within our movements, our comrades, and indeed in ourselves. Don't tolerate any of it. Because, in the U.S. especially, it can be extremely deadly.

Also, be prepared for the right to get wind of this and try to make us eat shit over it. All we can do is take responsibility to demonstrate how decent human beings should act. Then rub it in their face later when another white supremacist Trump fan inevitably shoots up another mall.

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