Friday, August 9, 2019

I Cannot Stress Enough How Much Conservative Will Freak Out Over This Movie

I am currently way too fascinated by the details of the trailer for the upcoming film "The Hunt," coming to theaters September 27, which I just heard about today thanks to work and also Fox News.

So Fox News is upset because this movie is, in the most literal sense, about wealthy liberal "elites" and their habit of kidnapping "normal people" from all Southern or majority-conservative states like Florida, Wyoming, and Arkansas, putting them together in an undisclosed area and hunting them for sport. However, the "normal people" are clearly the protagonists and the liberal "elites" could not be depicted as more evil if they tried.

However, there's clearly layers of irony here. The depiction of the "elites" compared to the good-guy-ness of the "normals" (who some say are referred to "deplorables" but I'm not sure where), is so over-the-top that it's clearly satire. Also, it's made by the same studio that made Get Out.

Also, if you really pay attention to the trailer, details start to pop out that had me pausing and screenshotting so that I could zoom in and I'm just way too deep here, folks.

First, there's the reveal of the dirty pickup truck's REAL license plate under the fake Arkansas one to be EUROPEAN and for some reason from Croatia specifically? Yes, I looked it up.

Then there's the photos of the normals, shown very briefly and clearly taken by the elites to target them, but if you look closely, these "normals"  include a man posing next to a trophy kill a la Donald Trump Jr. (or was it Eric? who cares honestly); a woman at a rally with signs that say, I'm pretty sure, "God Hates Gender Politics," "Santa Is Not Real," and "Stop Being Gay"; a mugshot; someone just flipping off a random woman; an angry bearded man clearly in the middle of recording a ranty radio talk show or podcast; and last but not least, right in the middle, A MAN AT THE CHARLOTTESVILLE WHITE SUPREMACIST RALLY SURROUNDED BY TIKI TORCHES.

As a writer, I just really appreciate the attention to detail. And, being the vindictive little shit I am, I really appreciate how much this is going to fuck with and absolutely piss off conservatives who have told me countless times for many years that I have no sense of humor.

The world may be ending but at least we can have some fun on the way out, yeah?

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