Thursday, August 8, 2019

Deportation Kills


A lot of fucking racist assholes will argue that anyone who commits a crime, no matter how small, deserves to be deported if they're undocumented (by which they mean undocumented and brown) because tHeY bRoKe ThE lAw. Ignoring the fact that nearly every one of us has broken a law at some point in our lives and have either not been caught or just been ignored or let go, they also ignore the fact that deportation can be a death sentence.

And while we're like one of the few countries that hasn't been fucked up by either us or Britain to still have the death penalty for anything, we don't use it for shit like DUIs, theft, and simple assault.

And yet a man who had never been to Iraq in his life and had paranoid schizophrenia and type 1 diabetes was sentenced to death by ICE because he had committed a home invasion once.

Jimmy Aldaoud didn't speak Arabic, was born in a refugee camp in Greece, taken to the U.S. at six months by his family, lived there for almost his entire life, then was suddenly deported to a country he'd never been to and where he couldn't get the insulin he needed to live.

Jimmy Aldaoud was murdered by ICE and by Trump and by every racist asshole supporting this deadly violence against people of color. Because white people don't get deported like this.

My anarcho-communist ass is totally for open borders and I'm not apologizing for that, obviously. But if you have a shred of a soul left, you should treat deportations like the death penalty. Reserve it only for the worst, most destructive people in our society. Of course, the death penalty is completely immoral and a waste of money and deporting the worst criminals only makes them the problem of another country probably less equipped to deal with them and also crime is a failure of society and we should take responsibility for our failures, but what I'm saying is that if you're not just a complete racist piece of shit, you should be against deportations except maybe in a few special cases.

Like if Boris Johnson tried to move here for some reason, yeah, deport that fucker back where he came from. We don't need less-orange-but-shittier-hair Trump while we have regular Trump right now.

But the point is that we must not tolerate the idea that deportation is acceptable in the vast majority of cases because it can be a death sentence. One report identified at least 60 cases where deported individuals died shortly after being deported, and we currently have no idea how being deported shortens a person's lifespan because they're shipped to places with worse healthcare systems, more poverty, more violence, and with little or no social support.

Deportation kills. Abolish ICE.

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