Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Afternoon Uhhhhhh Updates? Or Something?

So in case you were worried about me after yesterday's feels dump, know that I took a really long walk, found a place to lie on the grass and stare at the sky while listening to music, and got really high. It led me to the important yet painfully obvious revelation that I've isolated myself and my brain needs more human contact to make the happy chemicals.

Unfortunately, any socializing seems to cause at least small amounts of stress. It's really annoying having a brain that both needs socialization but seems to want nothing more than to play video games alone and anything that is not that is bad somehow. But what can you do, I'm just going to have to slowly get myself re-acclimated to regular socializing.

I mean, the end of the world shit is still going to be a factor in my mental health, but I'm pretty sure being around people like my ape brain needs will help a lot.

It also occurred to me that people in general are probably self-isolating a lot more. It's so easy these days just to stay home. You can stay home and order food and general groceries, you can stay home and talk to people, you can stay home and work, etc. But unfortunately, we are descended from social animals and we remain social animals. Technology is a double-edged sword and we gotta make an effort to, you know, not cut ourselves.

Life would be boring if it were simple, right? Hahahaha pfffffff *fart noise* love you have a great day bye.

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