Tuesday, August 13, 2019

2020 Challenger Lineup: Bill de Blasio

Okay so somehow two more candidates popped up, one that launched his campaign in June and one in July. They're both white guys. Sigh.

At least this guy has a little bit of name recognition. Bill de Blasio. He seems pretty good on the issues yet people seem to hate him. Why is that? Is it because of the random Italian? The fact that he and his wife honeymooned in Cuba? I don't think so, that's just an interesting factoid I found on his Wikipedia page.

As a career politician and New York City mayor for several years now, Bill's political positions are well-documented. He pushed a plan for substantial affordable housing units in New York, however this plan has been accused of being gentrification in disguise. It seemed at one point like he was against charter schools but ended up approving space for a bunch of them. More recently, he was totally on board with bringing an Amazon headquarters to New York and complained when protesters caused Amazon to back out of the deal.

This is his problem. Though he's for universal pre-K, the Green New Deal, and legalized weed, he is absolutely a capitalist lapdog. He wanted so badly to sell his city out to Amazon despite all the warnings from us over here in Seattle about how the company made the entire area way shittier. He also says that people supporting the BDS movement to try and punish Israel for its systematic genocide of the Palestinian people are "affronting the right of Israel to exist."

There has been some general speculation as to why people dislike Bill so much, even progressives that should like the progressive policies he has admittedly helped put into place, but I think people can sense something disingenuous in him. It could really just be something about how he looks. But I think we all see a rich New York sleazeball in Bill de Blasio. If he were a woman or person of color, he would have already been eaten alive for what Vox calls as a "sanctimonious, arrogant, stubborn, and preachy" vibe about him.

Vox ultimately decided that Bill was a good guy, and that's the difference between them (or at least Emily Stewart) and me. I don't trust him.

Then again, maybe it's just New York.

I'm giving Bill de Blasio a C-. The C is for capitalism and the minus is also for capitalism because it's bad. Isn't this a useful blog post serious everyone?

Happy Tuesday.

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