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Fuck Work or Die

Right about now, you're probably wondering something along the lines of "what the FUCK does she mean by that headline?" Well, I have something very important to share with you as your resident lazy Millennial work-hater.

Much shorter working weeks needed to tackle climate crisis – study

People across Europe will need to work drastically fewer hours to avoid disastrous climate heating unless there is a radical decarbonising of the economy, according to a study. 
The research, from thinktank Autonomy, shows workers in the UK would need to move to nine-hour weeks to keep the country on track to avoid more than 2C of heating at current carbon intensity levels. Similar reductions were found to be necessary in Sweden and Germany. 
The findings are based on OECD and UN data on greenhouse gas emissions per industry in the three countries. It found that at current carbon levels, all three would require a drastic reduction in working hours as well as urgent measures to decarbonise the economy to prevent climate breakdown.

This article doesn't speculate on how these studies would apply to the U.S., but considering the fact that we're one of the worst nations when it comes to carbon emissions, we should probably reduce work hours even further. Five hours per week maybe?

This might sound like a joke, and don't get me wrong, it is funny, but the studies are very serious. As serious as climate change, which very well might wipe out all of humanity. Or worse, everyone but the ultra rich. And I know that U.S. culture has tied how much you work to character and morality for centuries. But I need everyone to understand something incredibly important and spread the word. I'm gonna say this in the biggest font that Blogger will allow.


Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Monday, August 26, 2019

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This movie is truly excellent.

2020 Challenger Lineup: Joe Sestak

Two more white guys have popped up as potential Democratic nominees on Wikipedia, so alright, let's look at these probably centrist neoliberals.

Today's subject, who I will henceforth be referring to as Other Joe, is a U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania. He's a retired Navy man. Interestingly, there was some controversy over Other Joe's reassignment or whatever as people suspected he was fucked with because he was actually trying to implement spending cuts to the Navy.

The U.S.? Spend LESS on the military? Unheard of!

Possible begrudging respect for Other Joe.

Other Joe has also passed a good deal of legislation that is some good shit. The nicknamed "Sestak Amendment" "moved the first significant federal funds into autism care and research," though I am not sure how the actual autistic community feels about the amendment or the use of those funds. He also passed the Elder Abuse Victims Act and a bill to expand COBRA benefits. He also created the House Pediatric Cancer Caucus, likely motivated by the fact that his daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer at age three. He was an original cosponsor to the bill that repealed Don't Ask, Don't Tell and another to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. He made the first bill to restrict Citizens United, but it failed.

In terms of his positions, he's got a 100% pro-choice rating and is good on environmentalism. He has an F rating with the NRA. He has fought to reduce healthcare costs, calling it "payback" for the health coverage given to him and his family, including his daughter, while in the military. He is good on unions and is an original co-sponsor to some legislation that would make encourage workers to join them. He campaigned to end the war in Iraq but also voted in favor of giving George W. Bush a blank check to fund military efforts there.

What I don't get is this: "Sestak supports requiring Congress to offset the cost of all new spending." That is some Republican bullshit that only ever applies to helping the poor.

On his campaign website, Other Joe outlines many of his positions and paints himself as a real progressive. He says he supports universal healthcare (via transitioning from a public option) as well as many progressive initiatives such as free preschool, overturning Citizens United and limiting lobbyist activity, family and medical leave, and ending family separation while ensuring all asylum seekers get lawyers. He has an entire section on "Corporate Abuse of Power."

At the same time, there is some language that concerns me, like the usual about "securing our borders" and something about "dominating cyberspace" with our military. He doesn't mention the Green New Deal and seems to be much more interested in trying to motivate corporations to please stop polluting so much with taxes.

There's a ton to look at and I'm not particularly interesting in Other Joe, nor do I expect him to be the nominee, so I'm just gonna give him a B and get back to my day. He was better than I thought he was but gas nothing to make him stand out. Happy Monday.

Friday, August 23, 2019

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Give me a kiss!

My Favorite Tweets About David Koch Being Dead

I'm not gonna lie, obviously, since this whole blog is about not apologizing - I couldn't stop smiling for a full five minutes when I woke up to the news that David Koch is dead this morning. The Koch brothers are evil rich men who into their old age have continued to put their massive resources toward exploiting, stealing, and corrupting our political system, not to mention ensuring our extinction via climate change, and I can't wait until the other one is dead.

Anyway, my work thought a list of funny jokes about a dead guy would be too mean, so I'm doing my own.

Enjoy your eternal torment in the depths of Hell, Dave.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

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Today is pirate-themed.

I Am In Love With Pia Klemp, Social Justice Pirate


Social justice leftist anti-borders possibly anarchist leaning pirate lady.

Okay but her full statement:

Paris, I'm not a humanitarian. I am not there to 'aid'. I stand with you in solidarity. We do not need medals. We do not need authorities deciding about who is a 'hero' and who is 'illegal'. In fact they are in no position to make this call, because we are all equal.  
What we need are freedom and rights. It is time we call out hypocrite honorings and fill the void with social justice. It is time we cast all medals into spearheads of revolution! 
Documents and housing for all! 
Freedom of movement and residence!

^All leftist wlw right now.

Also anyone who thinks Klemp and Sea-Watch are bad for "facilitating illegal immigration" or helping HUMAN TRAFFICKERS are utterly evil and should be deported to make room for more migrants.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

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Kitten in the bathtub kitten in the bathtub kitten in the bathtub!!!

Afternoon Uhhhhhh Updates? Or Something?

So in case you were worried about me after yesterday's feels dump, know that I took a really long walk, found a place to lie on the grass and stare at the sky while listening to music, and got really high. It led me to the important yet painfully obvious revelation that I've isolated myself and my brain needs more human contact to make the happy chemicals.

Unfortunately, any socializing seems to cause at least small amounts of stress. It's really annoying having a brain that both needs socialization but seems to want nothing more than to play video games alone and anything that is not that is bad somehow. But what can you do, I'm just going to have to slowly get myself re-acclimated to regular socializing.

I mean, the end of the world shit is still going to be a factor in my mental health, but I'm pretty sure being around people like my ape brain needs will help a lot.

It also occurred to me that people in general are probably self-isolating a lot more. It's so easy these days just to stay home. You can stay home and order food and general groceries, you can stay home and talk to people, you can stay home and work, etc. But unfortunately, we are descended from social animals and we remain social animals. Technology is a double-edged sword and we gotta make an effort to, you know, not cut ourselves.

Life would be boring if it were simple, right? Hahahaha pfffffff *fart noise* love you have a great day bye.

New Concentration Camp Thing Happening


Okay people have stopped freaking out about the fact that we still have concentration camps and though a couple have been shut down through hard and amazing work by activist groups, the vast, vast majority are still open and migrants are still actively suffering right now, including kids.

And speaking of migrant kids.

Trump Wants to Keep Migrant Kids in Detention Indefinitely

The Trump administration announced new regulations on Wednesday that will allow migrant families — including children — to be detained indefinitely until their court cases are settled. 
The new rules effectively gut the Flores Settlement Agreement, a 1997 court order outlining standards of care for migrant kids in federal custody that limits how long federal immigration authorities can detain minors. Under Flores, migrant children can be detained for a maximum of 20 days, a limit the new rule ended to allow for indefinite detention.

So obviously this is another step toward full genocide and is generally awful, but here are a few things I feel compelled to point out.

First of all, the Flores agreement is the thing that Trump has been calling a "loophole" for years. It's not a loophole, however, it's a set of standards meant to keep conditions for the human beings we keep arresting for fleeing for their lives at a level that at least doesn't sink into full "human rights abuses" mode.

Second, the supposedly great conditions that Kevin McAleenan, the acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, refers to when giving the example of the Berks County Residential Center in Pennsylvania are not even there.

Mothers in Family Detention Launch Hunger Strike: ‘We Will Get Out Alive or Dead’

Conditions there were so bad in 2016 that mothers went on a hunger strike because their detained kids were fucking suicidal.

The teenagers say being here, life makes no sense, that they would like to break the window to jump out and end this nightmare, and on many occasions they ask us if we have the courage to escape. Other kids grab their IDs and tighten them around their necks and say that they are going to kill themselves if they don’t get out of here. The youngest kids (2 years old) cry at night for not being able to express what they feel.

Lastly, why even bother pretending that conditions for indefinitely detained kids will be good when you admit the policy is yet another meant to be a "deterrent" for people who have nowhere better to go.

McAleenan said the rule, along with these policies, will deter prospective migrants with children from making the trek to the U.S.-Mexico border.

Let me make this clear. Any policy explicitly meant to "deter" "prospective migrants" is pure evil. In plain terms, it means they're trying to make coming to the U.S. worse for migrants than staying in their home country to be forced into gangs, raped, and/or murdered.

When the U.S. was the one who caused those conditions in Central America and many other places around the world to begin with.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

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Feels Dump Again

I need to get some of these feelings out but I don't want to put it on anyone who's not getting paid so blogging is my best option, I guess. But if you're not up for end-of-the-world speculation and existential dread, do not read the following.

So I am currently of the opinion/existential hell that the climate apocalypse is coming. I don't say these things as jokes. I believe there is a very strong chance that the next recession (and recessions are literally inevitable under capitalism so that one's a given) will be even worse than the last, likely sinking into a true, undeniable depression (the last one was probably a depression too, people just don't want to use that word). I believe there is a strong chance that the world will not recover from this one. I believe there is a strong chance that, as a recent climate report said, society will begin to collapse by 2050.

I don't want to believe this shit at all. I miss the days when I was hanging on to disbelief, still emotionally believing that the reports were somehow wrong and/or we would be able to pull out of this nosedive. But the reality keeps ending up worse than the worst-case scenario of every climate report that's had time to play out, so I can't cling to denial any more. I believe there is a very strong chance that most of the planet will become inhabitable for humans within the next 100 years and we may die out altogether.

I wish I was a cynical bastard who didn't care. And I'm well aware that in the scope of the entire universe and time, our numerous and arrogant little species doesn't really matter. But I do care. As it turns out, I want humanity to survive. I did a lot of what I did thinking I was at least helping to lay the groundwork for a better tomorrow for future humans. Now there probably won't be future humans? Great.

But it's more than that. I'm afraid. I'm scared of what societal collapse will look like and what we'll have to endure leading up to that. The Trump recession is hurtling toward us and will be here very soon. I don't know if my job and my partner's job will survive it.

So we'll move back in with his parents. What's the big deal, Lindsey? Others will have it so much worse.

Well, I hurt for them, too. Don't I? Do I? If so, do I enough?

Here's another thing that's been haunting me. If we did/do somehow manage to survive climate change without much damage, how would we face the problem of overpopulation? This has really been fucking with my head. I've read that, at the rate we currently produce food, if we didn't waste half of it as we do, we could feed 10 billion people. And that's great, but we're kinda close to that number of people already. And here's the kicker. The better things are for people, the more people there are. Living things die to make way for new living things, with the exception of like one weird species of lobster, I think. Other than that, we all die of old age because if we didn't, overpopulation would kill all of us. That's how nature has worked.

So if things had been better, more just, with less genocide, would we already be at the max population point and facing extinction anyway? I know this issue has come up before and the optimistic ones have been like "uhhhhhh SPACE TRAVEL" but we don't even know if that's possible beyond Mars, and terraforming is an untested theory.

The point is, could we have ever survived?

If our extinction is/was inevitable, why am I so upset?

Is it just because this isn't how I was told my life would be? No one warned me that I was one of the last generations? I don't even like it when my dinner plans change unexpectedly.

I know someone had to witness the end of human history, but I didn't want it to be me, and nobody asked.

It all seems so petty. But I feel like I have a knife dangling over my head, stifling my ability to enjoy anything. I want to enjoy my life as much as possible before things go to hell but I've only made myself miserable with this urgency.

Or maybe it just comes down to the fact that I have a human brain, and that brain was not made to be able to comprehend oblivion. How am I supposed to handle the threat of human extinction? I feel like madness is knocking at my door every day I go through the motions of working and paying the bills and fucking working out and eating salads. And I know I do those things because they help me feel better, but at the same time it feels absolutely completely absurd to be doing any of this. Especially working. Shouldn't I at least pack up some essentials, take what money I have and travel the world?

But. I'm scared to. How fucked up is that?

I don't know how to cope. I feel like I could cry for days and yet I can barely get any tears out. I'm full to bursting with emotion and I don't know what to do. I feel like I'm losing my mind.

Monday, August 19, 2019

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Cats who like to go under blankets are a gift to this Earth.

What You Need To Know About The Portland Protests

So on Saturday, Portland was once again overrun with fascists, including Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys, who warmly welcomed their good buddies in the American Guard, who have been labeled by the ADL as "hardcore white supremacists."

Just in case you had any lingering doubt that the fuckheads behind all these Pacific Northwest fascist rallies were anything less than 100% fascist white supremacists.

Anyway, aside from a few brawls and minor injuries, not a lot happened. You might see fascist assholes desperately trying to push the narrative that an antifa individual threw a hammer into a fascist bus. First of all, oh no a single literal hammer-throw, better get these thugs labeled as terrorists right away, right?

In reality, what happened is that as antifa were hurrying the fascists back onto their fascist busses to go back to their fascist homes, one of the fascists attacked and grabbed an antifa person by the shirt and tried to pull them onto the bus, which definitely would have ended badly. As you can see in the following image, it's a fascist who is wielding the hammer, and was reportedly trying to hit the victim with it.

click to enlarge
So the antifa guy in the mask there stole the hammer, then later threw it back into the bus for some reason. Maybe he was trying to hit someone, maybe he just wanted to give it back. Trying to hit a fascist would have been a better reason to throw it, honestly. But the fact is that once again, it was the fascists who instigated real violence and then cried when antifa fought back.

Also, fuck the police, but in particular for dogpiling this random woman who spit in their direction. Seriously.

Hello, yes, we are living in a police state, yeah? Because that's the only kind of state where it's an arrestable offense to spit in the general direction of some cops.

Aside from those two things, the day turned out to be mostly hilarious. I already made a list this morning for my actual job so you know what just go look at that. You'll find marching bands in banana costumes, puppies, unicorns, and dance parties. Keep being you, Portland.

Friday, August 16, 2019

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Okay I can see the appeal of having a pet lizard.

Mail Time

I was gonna skip blogging entirely today but then I got an email through the contact form from a highly racist asshole named Sarah Feldon. And here it is:

Subject: And fuck you back 
For putting the ideology of pre wheel, stone age tribalists over advancing the science which helps everyone, *even them*. I note neither they, nor you, have any problem with their cultural appropriation of math, medicine, physics, etc in order to live a modern life, none of which they would give up.  


Dear Sarah Feldon,

You really think that the Native Hawaiians were in the fucking STONE AGE when white people stumbled upon their island? You think they wouldn't have ever had any kind of math, medicine, or physics if it wasn't for white people? You think they didn't already have that shit, before white people came and forcibly overthrew their kingdom and abused their people and stole their resources??


Go shove your white savior bullshit directly up your ass. We aren't "helping" anyone by desecrating sacred land to look at outer space. Also, you apparently have no fucking clue what cultural appropriation is. Math and medicine and physics doesn't belong to white people and it never did. Fuck you in particular, you racist fucknugget.


Lindsey "Fuck Your Racism" Weedston

Thursday, August 15, 2019

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Not long ago, I might have said that this cat glomped the tree. Oh fuck I just did.

Protect Mauna Kea, Fellow Feminists

I meant to post about this a while ago but apparently forgot. Mauna Kea is a mountain that is sacred to Native Hawaiians and we white people, who overthrew the Native Hawaiian government so we could have a military base in the Pacific, won't stop building fucking telescopes there because it's a good place to look at stars. And that's apparently so much more important than respecting the culture of the people we've already shat all over.

But don't take my word for it, fellow white feminists. Read this:

Decolonize Feminism: Why feminists should care about Mauna Kea

Some of our members have already been pushed out of their homelands permanently so that those lands could serve foreign military and corporate interests that benefit a thin layer of local powerbrokers. The bitter pain of this forced separation is beyond words. We will not bear witness to a similar process in Hawai‘i carried out against our Native sisters and brothers. We cannot accept the treatment of Native Hawaiians by the state. Kānaka ʻŌiwi should never be criminalized or vilified for protecting their land. 
Genocide is not just the gas chamber — it is also all the steps and actions that devalue a group of people to the point of disappearance. TMT is cultural genocide perpetrated in the name of science.

"TMT" refers to "thirty-meter telescope," which is yet another thing they're trying to build on top of the sacred mountain. Scientists have said that because of such and such whatever, the top of Mauna Kea is ideal for viewing space with this kind of telescope, and so they don't want to move construction. Now, I like astronomy. It's a really interesting field of science and it does have many important applications to improving life on Earth. But please explain to me what is so important about looking really far into space that you need to building something on the most sacred part of a sacred mountain and burial site for Native Hawaiians? It's not like they don't have other options. Mauna Kea just happens to be the best one. But it shouldn't be an option at all if it's destructive to an already devastated and oppressed culture.

Recently, these astronomers complained that they've missed over 2,000 hours of observation time due to those pesky protesters trying to protect their sacred land from desecration.

Asteroids, including those that might slam into Earth. Clouds of gas and dust on the verge of forming stars. Planets orbiting stars other than our own. 
This is some of the research astronomers say they have missed out on at 11 observatories on Hawaii's tallest mountain as a protest blocks the road to the summit, one of the world's premier sites for studying the skies.

That's how the article starts. Fantastic fearmongering there by AP. "We have to desecrate Native Hawaiian land or else WE COULD BE WIPED OUT BY AN ASTEROID LIKE IN THAT ONE MOVIE." Nevermind that it's extremely unlikely that an asteroid big enough to cause a problem would hit Earth - much less likely than us dying out because of climate change. But also they can't look as gas and dust and stuff! How awful!

But here's the real reason these scientists are upset:

Astronomers cancelled more than 2,000 hours of viewing at Mauna Kea's existing telescopes, work they estimate would have led to the publication of about 450 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals. 
"Any one of them could have been spectacular, could have been Nobel Prize-winning science. We just now will never know," said Jessica Dempsey, deputy director of the East Asian Observatory, which operates one of Mauna Kea's telescopes.

Awwwww poor white lady denied a Nobel Prize by the mean protesters who want you to stop building more telescopes on top of the bodies of their ancestors.

Fuck this shit. Fuck every one of these asshole scientists. Fuck your entire careers if you would get to the top by stepping on the necks of oppressed indigenous peoples. Fuck the telescopes. Protect Mauna Kea.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Gif of the Day

Kinda mean to old people but also seeing Ramsey trying to keep in character as the very mean head chef but you can see he's not only trying not to laugh, he's so proud of this guy. It makes me smile.

Rep. Steve King: Definitely A Rapist


Steve King is really just a strong contender for worst person on the planet. First, he embraces white supremacy so hard even his fellow Republicans kick him off every committee, and now this:

The only people horrible enough to actually believe that rape is this common and normal are rapists themselves. Rapists believe this in order to justify their behavior to themselves. Steve King is definitely a rapist.

I'm struggling enough lately that I'm not going to say anything else on this, just imagine me screaming into the void until my eyeballs explode. DO IT.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

2020 Challenger Lineup: Bill de Blasio

Okay so somehow two more candidates popped up, one that launched his campaign in June and one in July. They're both white guys. Sigh.

At least this guy has a little bit of name recognition. Bill de Blasio. He seems pretty good on the issues yet people seem to hate him. Why is that? Is it because of the random Italian? The fact that he and his wife honeymooned in Cuba? I don't think so, that's just an interesting factoid I found on his Wikipedia page.

As a career politician and New York City mayor for several years now, Bill's political positions are well-documented. He pushed a plan for substantial affordable housing units in New York, however this plan has been accused of being gentrification in disguise. It seemed at one point like he was against charter schools but ended up approving space for a bunch of them. More recently, he was totally on board with bringing an Amazon headquarters to New York and complained when protesters caused Amazon to back out of the deal.

This is his problem. Though he's for universal pre-K, the Green New Deal, and legalized weed, he is absolutely a capitalist lapdog. He wanted so badly to sell his city out to Amazon despite all the warnings from us over here in Seattle about how the company made the entire area way shittier. He also says that people supporting the BDS movement to try and punish Israel for its systematic genocide of the Palestinian people are "affronting the right of Israel to exist."

There has been some general speculation as to why people dislike Bill so much, even progressives that should like the progressive policies he has admittedly helped put into place, but I think people can sense something disingenuous in him. It could really just be something about how he looks. But I think we all see a rich New York sleazeball in Bill de Blasio. If he were a woman or person of color, he would have already been eaten alive for what Vox calls as a "sanctimonious, arrogant, stubborn, and preachy" vibe about him.

Vox ultimately decided that Bill was a good guy, and that's the difference between them (or at least Emily Stewart) and me. I don't trust him.

Then again, maybe it's just New York.

I'm giving Bill de Blasio a C-. The C is for capitalism and the minus is also for capitalism because it's bad. Isn't this a useful blog post serious everyone?

Happy Tuesday.

Monday, August 12, 2019

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I feel like this cat is going to unironically call my outfit "groovy."

TERFs Ain't Got No Friends

So this news is actually kinda old now but I just heard about it yesterday and it's the most amazing thing.

Video game actor: 'TERFs ain't got no friends and trans people are people'

Voice actor Roger Clark, best known for playing lead character Arthur Morgan in the popular video game Red Dead Redemption 2, sent a message supporting transgender people to fans.

Apparently this guy from the cowboy video game that lets you massacre KKK meetings without incurring penalties like you would for killing, you know, innocent human beings, went to a convention and, in his cowboy voice, said the following:

"And don’t forget: TERFs ain’t got no friends, trans people are people, be beautiful to each other, you’ll be all right."

As far as I can tell, this is just some everyday video game/geek convention, not at like a pro-trans convention, and he just decided to take a minute to tell the world that TERFs don't have friends.

In case you aren't aware, TERF is an acronym for trans-exclusionary radical feminist, meaning a feminist that explicitly subscribes to radical feminist theory and excludes trans women from womanhood. They are the worst and I hate them.

Anyway here's the video:

I played Red Dead Revolver in high school and actually really liked it even though I've never been much into the whole cowboy thing, so basically I now absolutely have to buy the Red Dead Redemption games and play them, for Arthur Morgan.

You know, it's not often these days that I get to say anything positive about video games, and like I can't be fucked to defend them from the politicians afraid of the NRA and I would give up literally all video games if it meant we could have meaningful gun control, but it's nice to be reminded that they can be used for good as well as evil.

Anyway fuck TERFs.

Friday, August 9, 2019

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I think this is pixel art? It's amazing what people can do with tiny dots.

I Cannot Stress Enough How Much Conservative Will Freak Out Over This Movie

I am currently way too fascinated by the details of the trailer for the upcoming film "The Hunt," coming to theaters September 27, which I just heard about today thanks to work and also Fox News.

So Fox News is upset because this movie is, in the most literal sense, about wealthy liberal "elites" and their habit of kidnapping "normal people" from all Southern or majority-conservative states like Florida, Wyoming, and Arkansas, putting them together in an undisclosed area and hunting them for sport. However, the "normal people" are clearly the protagonists and the liberal "elites" could not be depicted as more evil if they tried.

However, there's clearly layers of irony here. The depiction of the "elites" compared to the good-guy-ness of the "normals" (who some say are referred to "deplorables" but I'm not sure where), is so over-the-top that it's clearly satire. Also, it's made by the same studio that made Get Out.

Also, if you really pay attention to the trailer, details start to pop out that had me pausing and screenshotting so that I could zoom in and I'm just way too deep here, folks.

First, there's the reveal of the dirty pickup truck's REAL license plate under the fake Arkansas one to be EUROPEAN and for some reason from Croatia specifically? Yes, I looked it up.

Then there's the photos of the normals, shown very briefly and clearly taken by the elites to target them, but if you look closely, these "normals"  include a man posing next to a trophy kill a la Donald Trump Jr. (or was it Eric? who cares honestly); a woman at a rally with signs that say, I'm pretty sure, "God Hates Gender Politics," "Santa Is Not Real," and "Stop Being Gay"; a mugshot; someone just flipping off a random woman; an angry bearded man clearly in the middle of recording a ranty radio talk show or podcast; and last but not least, right in the middle, A MAN AT THE CHARLOTTESVILLE WHITE SUPREMACIST RALLY SURROUNDED BY TIKI TORCHES.

As a writer, I just really appreciate the attention to detail. And, being the vindictive little shit I am, I really appreciate how much this is going to fuck with and absolutely piss off conservatives who have told me countless times for many years that I have no sense of humor.

The world may be ending but at least we can have some fun on the way out, yeah?

My Brain Is Just Screaming All The Time Now

I haven't even gotten to the hundreds of kids left without parents after ICE arrested nearly 700 people in a single day, targetting a specific food processing company for reasons that they said was because the company employs undocumented people. But we all know that those horrible meat plants do that because citizens (especially white ones) won't do this kind of horrible, disgusting, exhausting, and incredibly dangerous and unhealthy work. This has been an open secret for a long time. Why this company, and why now?

Democracy Now is here with the turd cherry on top of the absolute shit sundae that is this story.

ICE Raids Targeted Company Whose Workers Won Discrimination Lawsuit

The arrests targeted chicken processing plants operated by Koch Foods, one of the largest poultry producers in the U.S. Last year, Koch Foods paid out $3.75 million to settle an Equal Employment Opportunities Commission class-action suit charging the company with sexual harassment, national origin and race discrimination, and retaliation against Latino workers at one of its Mississippi plants. Labor activists say it’s the latest raid to target factories where immigrant workers have organized unions, fought back against discrimination or challenged unsafe and unsanitary conditions.

Hold on.


Anyway, so to all the liberals asking why the owners/managers of the company weren't the ones arrested for hiring the undocumented migrants, you can print out a substantial stack of this article and just beat them over the head with it. Then remind them that migrants need jobs too, although better ones than this, obviously, and the owners should really be arrested for rank worker abuse.

Anyway I hate this fucking country.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Gif of the Day

I know this bird is called a "kiwi" but they look like furry pears on legs and I love them.

Also I'm loving the hand-operated treadmill they've got going here for this very important photoshoot.

Deportation Kills


A lot of fucking racist assholes will argue that anyone who commits a crime, no matter how small, deserves to be deported if they're undocumented (by which they mean undocumented and brown) because tHeY bRoKe ThE lAw. Ignoring the fact that nearly every one of us has broken a law at some point in our lives and have either not been caught or just been ignored or let go, they also ignore the fact that deportation can be a death sentence.

And while we're like one of the few countries that hasn't been fucked up by either us or Britain to still have the death penalty for anything, we don't use it for shit like DUIs, theft, and simple assault.

And yet a man who had never been to Iraq in his life and had paranoid schizophrenia and type 1 diabetes was sentenced to death by ICE because he had committed a home invasion once.

Jimmy Aldaoud didn't speak Arabic, was born in a refugee camp in Greece, taken to the U.S. at six months by his family, lived there for almost his entire life, then was suddenly deported to a country he'd never been to and where he couldn't get the insulin he needed to live.

Jimmy Aldaoud was murdered by ICE and by Trump and by every racist asshole supporting this deadly violence against people of color. Because white people don't get deported like this.

My anarcho-communist ass is totally for open borders and I'm not apologizing for that, obviously. But if you have a shred of a soul left, you should treat deportations like the death penalty. Reserve it only for the worst, most destructive people in our society. Of course, the death penalty is completely immoral and a waste of money and deporting the worst criminals only makes them the problem of another country probably less equipped to deal with them and also crime is a failure of society and we should take responsibility for our failures, but what I'm saying is that if you're not just a complete racist piece of shit, you should be against deportations except maybe in a few special cases.

Like if Boris Johnson tried to move here for some reason, yeah, deport that fucker back where he came from. We don't need less-orange-but-shittier-hair Trump while we have regular Trump right now.

But the point is that we must not tolerate the idea that deportation is acceptable in the vast majority of cases because it can be a death sentence. One report identified at least 60 cases where deported individuals died shortly after being deported, and we currently have no idea how being deported shortens a person's lifespan because they're shipped to places with worse healthcare systems, more poverty, more violence, and with little or no social support.

Deportation kills. Abolish ICE.

The Dayton Shooter Was A Leftist. And A Misogynist.


We all know by now that the El Paso shooter is a white supremacist, and I say "is" because he was arrested alive, unlike many Black men who commit non-violent crimes or no crimes at all. The Dayton shooter was, as I understand it, a white man who in high school had a list of boys he wanted to kill and a list of girls he wanted to rape.

I read these things when they appeared in front of me on social media but did not specifically look into either of the shootings more than I had to for work, because I have limits to how much horror I can stare directly into. But last night I came across a post on Facebook that I needed to share.

As it turns out, the Dayton shooter identified as a leftist, attended protests against ICE and helped identify KKK members in his area. But, as an anonymous antifa comrade wrote, he also hated women and his shooting was motivated by his misogyny and inability to get a date (probably because he hated the people whom he wanted to date).

If you can't access the Facebook post because you quit Facebook (good for you):

"The Dayton shooter self-identified as a leftist. He went to anti-ICE actions and helped DOX KKK members in Dayton. Certain snapshots of his Twitter very well could be from mine if I had one. He also hated women. He wrote a hit list when he was in high school. He wrote lists of girls he knew and what sexual violence he wanted to enact on them. He was expelled from his high school for this behavior. His parents sent him to therapy. He enrolled in community college, and they thought he was OK. 
He was still sharing violent pornography (mostly hentai which is some of the most misogynistic content you can imagine), fetishizing guns, and listing to music with violently misogynistic lyrics [pornogrind]. 
He targeted a popular date spot on a Saturday night. The first couple he killed was his sister and her boyfriend. He then focused on other couples in line for the bar 
The problem wasn't his politics. It was his misogyny. Just like Elliot Rogers or the scores of other men who have committed mass acts of violence because they hate women. 
His activist circle was blindsided by him doing this. People he went to school with knew it was him before he was named on the news. 
I knew he hated women from a casual glance at his social media. But the men he organized with and did good community work with did not. 
Men. Do not give a pornography gif a pass bc someone has "good class politics". Don't allow men to use misogynistic language or talk about misogynistic media in your spaces. Your alienating women on the left and we're the ones who are going to be able to spot these mass shooters. 
Misogyny kills. Let the women in your circles lead discussions on the actions that make them uncomfortable. Take notes. Get better. Let us in bc without us, you're going to have more of these guys you call your comrades killing innocent people." 
— A Comrade

If we really want to be different from the right, we absolutely need to take responsibility for this. And I think we are, and I think we do, at least a lot lot lot more than the right. But we always need to be vigilant against hatred within our ranks. We still have plenty of misogyny, racism, antisemitism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, fat hatred, etc. within our movements, our comrades, and indeed in ourselves. Don't tolerate any of it. Because, in the U.S. especially, it can be extremely deadly.

Also, be prepared for the right to get wind of this and try to make us eat shit over it. All we can do is take responsibility to demonstrate how decent human beings should act. Then rub it in their face later when another white supremacist Trump fan inevitably shoots up another mall.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Gif of the Day

2000 was a weird year.


I've been thinking a lot lately about the idea of freedom. It's something we're supposed to be all about in the U.S. I also think it's something that I've craved for a long time. I think I was enchanted with it as a child, and I think a lot of kids are, which is probably why we're so interested in animals like wolves and dolphins and wild horses - they seem to represent freedom to us. Personally I was more of a wolf girl than anything, though I was never interested in werewolves, totally team Edward, just kidding I don't read Mormon porn.

Anyway, my feelings about the concept of freedom really hit me when, as an adult, I saw Carmen for the first time. Carmen sings a song about freedom, and even though I could only understand it by reading the subtitles, it really affected me. And I can't be the only one, because the number of my fellow white women who become enchanted with and basically fetishize a stereotype of the Romani, calling themselves the g-slur or using it to name pieces of their ugly fashion line, is astonishing. I think it affects all of us. If you consider the themes of some of our most popular pieces of fiction, it becomes clear.

So what is freedom? What does this concept mean? We call the U.S. a "free country," but what does that entail? We can say a lot of things without being arrested, though not all things, but more things than in some countries. We're free to travel and do a lot of fun things if we have the money for it.

Yes this is going to turn into a communist rant. Actually, more than that.

When I was first being introduced to anarchist ideas, it was posed to me that if we refused to pay taxes on the money we earn, the government can and will send a cop to our home to arrest us. And if we refuse to go, they can kill us. The might choose to incapacitate us instead, but, you know. The point is that we are forced to do these things under threat of violence and possibly death. Is that freedom?

And increasingly, even living off the grid has become impossible because both governments and private companies make it that way. Corporations are patenting fucking seeds.

Don't get me wrong, I believe people should pay taxes within this system we've created. Particularly rich people. And I don't believe that 100% free, unregulated "markets" will magically fix everything. Or anything. But I think it would do us some good to think about what freedom really is.

I don't feel free under capitalism. Capitalism makes me feel trapped. Capitalism gives you the choice of either selling your labor, energy, ideas, and/or body or death. Literally, even homeless people need money to survive and I'm pretty sure the vast majority of us would be dead within a couple of years if we didn't make any money.

Is that a choice? Is that freedom? I feel like I've had my heart broken through adulthood over and over again hoping that a better job/money-making situation would make me happy. It doesn't. I resent work no matter what it is. I resent being forced to make money to live. I resent having to worry about money all the time, because even when I'm making a good amount (for my situation) the total lack of job security and hole-filled safety net means that I don't even want to plan for the future anymore. I've had the rug pulled out from under me too many times and I'm only 30.

It's not just work. Insecurity about my weight and general appearance make me feel trapped inside my own home sometimes. Thanks a lot, beauty industry. I wish I could just leave the apartment on a whim without feeling like I need to put on makeup. I wish I could throw on a swimsuit and just run into the nearby lake without a care and have a swim but I never know when the city of Seattle has gone and dumped a bunch of sewage into it again because this place is fake progressive.

I wish we could create a world where people were just taken care of. We could be welcoming automation with open arms to do all of the hard and dirty jobs while we pursue our passions, but instead we fear it. Imagine if shelter was freely given and you could always count on food to be on the table. Imagine you didn't have to work. What would you do? Imagine a wonderful world where every artist could make all the art they wanted and every person interested in science could experiment and invent and add their own brand of genius to society. What incredible things could humanity do if only we were all free to do so? If we weren't bogged down and exhausted by work.

The U.S. is sick from work. We work too hard and too much, and we don't get vacations, and it's making us sick.

I was lucky enough to basically land my dream job and I still don't feel free. And it's not because I have to pay taxes so much as it is because money exists at all. Because we fell into this weird self-imposed trap where we decided that people need to earn a certain amount of human worth points to live and now we have people who are seriously gaming the system and we can't seem to stop them. Does it really have to be this way, or have we played ourselves?

Is this freedom?

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Gif of the Day


RIP Toni Morrison


Professor, author, and Pulitzer and Nobel Prize-winner Toni Morrison has died at age 88. She was an incredible woman and a gift to mankind, writing on the Black experience and standing up against rape culture during her incredible life. She was reluctant to identify as a feminist, which is perfectly understandable considering how we white feminists have failed black women so often. She might have been better described as a womanist, which she described in a 2012 interview.

Either way, Morrison contributed so much to the fight for women's liberation and against rape culture. She is responsible for amazing quotes such as this one:

“Rape is a criminal act whatever the circumstances. A woman riding the subway nude may be guilty of indecency, but she may not be raped. If she invites or even sells sex at 10 and refuses it at 10:45, the partner who disregards her refusal and forces sex is guilty of rape. If she is drunk, asleep, mentally defective, paralyzed or dead, she must not be raped. Why? Because sexual congress must be by consent.”

Words like these became the basis for much of today's feminist view on consent and have helped promote an accurate definition of rape to the general public.

Toni Morrison deserves all the respect, and not bullshit like this, which I saw when I googled her name:

Conservatives have no decency.

But no amount of disgusting Wikipedia editing can overshadow the fact that Toni Morrison accomplished so much and contributed so much good to the world. The world is a little poorer without her, but she gave so much so us and lived a good long life. Celebrate her today by asking a friend for consent to hug them or maybe donating some money to young Black women who write, or do anything to make the world better.

Thank you for everything, Toni. Rest in power.

Headline of the Month


Headline of the United States of America. Headline of the fucking century.

FBI agents are reluctant to pursue white nationalist extremists because they don't want to target Trump's base, former counterterrorism official says

The former agent, Dave Gomez, said he believes that FBI Director Christopher Wray "is an honorable man, but I think in many ways the FBI is hamstrung in trying to investigate the white supremacist movement like the old FBI would." 
"There's some reluctance among agents to bring forth an investigation that targets what the president perceives as his base," Gomez said. "It's a no-win situation for the FBI agent or supervisor."

You want my opinion on this, FBI? People are dying so do your fucking jobs and be glad you're in a position to hurt the wannabe dictator in the Oval Office. I'll be over here ramming my head into the wall over and over.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Gif of the Day

This was part of a whole gif set, of course, but if you're gonna make a single dramatic gif for the word "the" you can bet I'm going to post it out of context because I find it funny for some reason.

Glendon Oakley Carried Kids Out Of El Paso Mall During Shooting

There are so many things I could potentially talk about today after a weekend of double severe mass shootings (I have to specify "severe" because we literally have mass shootings every day here in the U.S.), including how the Republican party has so much blood on their hands, how Donald Trump ran a Facebook ad today that echoes the language of the El Paso shooter's white supremacist manifesto, or how Mitch McConnell was at a campaign rally for himself that included little cardboard graves of his opponent and Merrick Garland, the Supreme Court nominee he blatantly and proudly obstructed because he was nominated by Obama.... this one sentence is already seven lines long.

How many more ways can it be said that white supremacy and toxic masculinity are causing mass shootings and Republicans are happily cashing in on that fact daily?

I don't want to sugar coat any of this, obviously, that is not my thing. But I do want to call attention to the fact that there is a hero in the El Paso shooting story, and that hero is a black man.

On his way out, however, the military veteran saw a group of panicking children who were running around inside the shopping plaza unsure of what to do. Their parents were nowhere in sight, he said. 
'I got my bag in my hand. I'm trying to pick them up, as many as I can, just run out,' Oakley said. 'But they're so anxious, they're, like, jumping out of my hands.' 
Oakley said he managed to shuffle at least a few of the children out of the shopping center. 

When he got out, after being maybe the only one who bothered to stop and try to get those kids out, cops thought he might be the shooter (of course), but thankfully didn't just kill him, and they let him go when they saw his license to carry a gun. Oakley was only concerned about the kids.

Oakley, who was visibly shaken while being interviewed in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, said his own life wasn't his main concern when gunshots rang out.  
'I was just so worried about those kids man. I'm just worried about those kids. I wasn't really worried about myself. I just hope those kids are alright.'

Oakley is a fairly dark-skinned black man and in one news interview is even wearing a do-rag, which has been aggressively associated with violent crime/gangs by white movie makes in the U.S. But here we are, recovering from a horrific mass shooting by a white supremacist while the black guys in do-rags are running around saving the children.

And people freaked out when Rep. Ilhan Omar said we should be afraid of white men. She. Was. Right.

Thank you, Glendon Oakley. You are a true hero.

Friday, August 2, 2019

Gif of the Day

Take daily with food.

Ah Fuck


It's been too hot this week and now here I am with this horrible news about the climate crisis.

And before you're like "but this happens every year," normal glacial melt is 60-70 billion tons per year. This was 12 billion tons of melt in ONE DAY. So far 197 billion tons have melted this summer alone, and melt season won't be over until the end of August.

The right will kill us all. And I mean ALL.