Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Recommended Reading

Remember when the "alt-right" first became a thing and I declared I was going to look through their online forums and shit every weekday to keep track of what they were up to? That fell right on its face because, as it turns out, my ability to look into the void is limited. But some people have spent years doing just this, and one individual in particular, Gwen Snyder, has been creating an amazing Twitter thread series explaining everything that every average person needs to know about modern white supremacist and neo-nazi symbology, language, subgroups, and culture.

Of course, there are many trigger warnings to be aware of before you dive in, including racial and ethnic slurs, violence and murder, and general nazi shit.

Snyder posted part three of this thread series yesterday, and it continues to be incredible. Though I am more familiar than the average person with all this bizarre and ever-changing nazi shit, I have still learned things from this thread that will make me better able to spot the enemy. Everything I already knew has been accurate, so I stand by the series. It's a fascinating, entertaining, and pretty easy read, and I highly recommend it if you want to avoid and protect yourself against the world's worst human beings.

Gwen Snyder is an artist and a "West Philly SJW researching radical white supremacy." She is also a perfect human being doing the work of god and my hero. If you're still not intrigued, the information you will learn involved frogs in rainbow clown wigs, Minecraft, and virgins chugging milk.

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