Friday, July 5, 2019

Portland Police Spread Lie About Cement In Milkshakes

Today in things I shouldn't be surprised about but somehow still am. I knew media outlets were picking up the cement milkshake bullshit and recklessly spreading the idea without mentioning that there is absolutely no proof and nobody has come forward to say they were hurt by coming into contact with one of these milkshakes, but it is on a whole new level when the cops do it.

It's still up in spite of the fucking Snopes article calling the whole thing false. I mean I really shouldn't be surprised but for whatever reason, it continues to shock me just how utterly and blatantly the Portland police are on the side of the fascists and white supremacists in the area. These groups can make up any lie they can think of no matter how outrageous or absurd and the cops will just repeat it, sending it out into the world via social media.

Can you guess what happened next?

Portland milkshake makers face death threats after police tweets

Fuck. The. Police.

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