Wednesday, July 24, 2019

How To Protect Your Undocumented Neighbors From ICE

This incredible story is going around about a community that came together and leaped into action to save their undocumented neighbor from ICE arrest and possible deportation. It looks like it was originally posted by Tumblr user "keplercryptids," who lives in the city where this happened. I'm going to post the whole story here but keplercryptids is also a non-binary person with a ko-fi account you can donate to if you enjoy it!

i wanna share with y'all a great thing that happened in my city yesterday. early in the morning, ICE tried to kidnap an undocumented man while he was leaving for work with his son in the car. this man had no warrant and no criminal record, and had lived in his home with his family for the past 14 years. these ICE agents, un-uniformed and in unmarked cars, blockaded this man’s driveway, while he and his child sat locked in their van, for 4 hours. (obviously this isn’t the good part.) 
the man’s neighbors were the first to gather and confront ICE. phone calls were made, and dozens of local organizers, lawyers and activists showed up, in addition to more neighbors. they bought gas and siphoned it into the man’s car so he could keep the AC going. they passed water and food through the car windows. the city government was flooded with calls, and a few city council folks showed up in support of the man.
and ICE left. 
the man’s neighbors & the activists formed a human chain around the car so the man and his son could get back into their house. and later, his whole family was escorted to a safer location. 
today, that man is still with his family. his children, though undoubtedly shaken and scared (especially the son who was with him the whole time, and was so frightened he threw up at one point) still have their father. one of the neighbors said: “they picked the wrong neighborhood on the wrong day” and “I know they’ll be back, and so will we.”
I know a ton of posts get shared about doing this exact thing, but i want you to know that IT WORKS. community works. so please, above anything else, get to know your neighbors. keep an eye out for each other. don’t let people disappear. keep each other close, keep each other safe.

This is basically a blueprint for how we can all fight this nazi-like shit when it happens in our cities. If you're worried that it might happen near you but you won't hear about it, you can sign up for local alerts about ICE activity and put the numbers for these alert networks in your phone so you can alert them yourself if you see ICE getting into some evil shit. There are also apps that alert people of upcoming ICE raids.

Washington State has the Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network and their Deportation Defense Line. WAISN is a great all-around organization and I highly recommend looking through their Deportation Defense page, which includes multiple ways that anyone can help fight ICE and deportations. You can even sign up and get trained to be on their Rapid Response team, but anyone can show up for an undocumented neighbor to save them from being ripped away from their families. Do what you can. Fight for the oppressed.

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