Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Don't Shop At Goodwill


Goodwill has already been on my shit list for paying its disabled workers less than minimum wage with the excuse of "it's either that or nothing" which is what they used to say about all workers before they fought and died for minimum wage jobs, but now they're actively and openly discriminating against disabled workers by saying that they will stop paying them entirely in the face of minimum wage increases.

Goodwill pulls paychecks from disabled workers

Sharon Durbin, President and Chief Executive Officer at Land of Lincoln Goodwill, told dozens of disabled thrift store workers they would no longer receive a paycheck as a result of the state’s new minimum wage increase, and she warns future job cuts could still be coming to the last 11 remaining disabled employees still on the payroll.

Welcome to another installment of "uhhhhhhmmmmm I thought you couldn't do that?"

I don't think non-profits are exempt from anti-discrimination laws, especially ones as big as Goodwill. But apparently they are when it comes to disability, because ableism is that bad.

Also, Goodwill should not be allowed to be a non-profit because they actually make a lot of profit and don't really help anybody.

Also, you currently only employ 11 disabled employees? Out of 450 total employees? Then that makes you a big ol' liar, doesn't it?

The loud speaker broadcasts a message that reminds shoppers, “At Goodwill, every item you buy, and every item you donate funds job training and so much more.” Literature hanging in the lobby announces that “we train and support over 1,000 people with developmental disabilities.”

Better take that shit down if you're gonna employ zero.

So what it sounds like is that they're not going to fire the disabled employees, they'll just make them work for free under the excuse/lie that they're giving them "job training." Bullshit. What you're doing is going from underpaying them to making them little more than slaves. And I don't want to hear thing one about minimum wage increases when you don't even pay all of your workers minimum wage and when all the evidence shows that minimum wage increases increase profits to businesses, especially ones that serve the people who get minimum wage like Goodwill because those people are able to buy more things.

But regardless, this is rank ableism, right out in the open. This is treating disabled people as less than people. This is pretending that disabled people don't need money to live like everyone else, or don't deserve to live because of their disability. And government disability payments are not enough for anyone to live on, which is why, as the article points out, many of them have to live in "group homes."

Fuck Goodwill all the way to the bank. If they won't pay their workers, I won't shop there ever again, and neither should you. Go to real thrift shops that actually use the money they receive to help people. Don't support ableism.

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