Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Black Kid Who Licked Ice Cream Faced More Prison Time That 99% of Rapists

Hahahahahahahahahaha I'm fucking losing my fuck-ass mind oh my god.

Before the suspect was identified as a juvenile, police said she could have faced up to 20 years in prison. They had planned on arresting her on a charge of second-degree felony tampering.


So a Black teen went into a store, licked some ice cream and put it back in the freezer on video for Instagram fame because she is a teenager. Cops identified her in a matter of days and apparent, had she been arrested as an adult, she could have faced two to 20 years in prison. For a fucking Instagram prank in which she licked some ice cream and put it back in a store.

No, it wasn't a good idea, she could have gotten somebody sick, and none of us want this to catch on as a trend because we'll never trust ice cream again, but this is fucking ridiculous. Two to 20 years? For LICKING ICE CREAM?

Meanwhile, story after story of men getting away with rape goes by without anybody really caring, including, by the way, our fucking President.

This is anti-black racism and hyper-criminalization of blackness crashing headlong into rape culture and I can't handle it. Next we're gonna have white supremacists attacking Black people in the ice cream aisle.

Let Black children be children. Arrest and prosecute rapists rather than tricking down teen pranksters who were unlikely to hurt anyone, even if the prank was ill-advised. FIX YOUR FUCKING PRIORITIES OR I WILL PERSONALLY LICK EVERY DONUT IN YOUR FAVORITE BAKERIES, COPS.

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