Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Anti-Fascists Slandered For Protecting People From Violence Fascist

Gotta take a break from the concentration camp content again, which maybe I can actually stop talking about only that because people are finally paying attention like they should. What I feel like I need to do today is counter this shit narrative that antifa assaulted a journalist. We don't know who started the altercation and Andy Ngo is not a journalist.

Andy Ngo is like the anti-journalist, and that's not just commentary. His blog, and I would like to mention here that when I was not employed as a journalist and only had my own blog I didn't try to call myself a journalist even when convenient, literally presents itself as a platform for people who are not journalists and regularly attacks actual journalists, feeding the incredibly dangerous ideas that there is some kind of liberal press conspiracy and generally working to weaken freedom of the press.

Andy Ngo in particular is known for his efforts to document the faces of those engaged in antifa work and journalists he considered sympathetic to antifa and then posting their faces online without consent so that fascists can doxx and harass them. He only calls himself a journalist when it serves him.

Like, for example, when he can make over $100,000 in less than a day with a GoFundMe for his "recovery" from a single punch to the face that resulted in minor bruising, and I guess whatever mental anguish he suffered from getting some silly string and milkshake on him.

This scam was fueled by the lie that there was somehow concrete or other chemicals mixed into the milkshakes he got hit with - a lie that rose and fell in about the same amount of time it took for him to make $100,000. Or when he can call this "antifa's brutal assault."

Keep in mind that Proud Boys, whom Andy Ngo supports and who support Andy Ngo, are still wandering the streets of various cities at night to find queer people and people of color to assault, and that this remains a requirement for entry into their fascist club. Those are brutal assaults. What killed Heather Heyer was a brutal assault. If a leftist posted a photo like the one Ngo is pushing as evidence of a "brutal assault," they'd be laughed off by the right as a fragile snowflake.

This is the fascist playbook right here. Accuse the left of being snowflakes and pushing false outrage when it comes to things like hate crimes, murder, and concentration camps, then immediately turn around and launch their outrage machine into full force when the left does anything to fight back or physically defend themselves.

The worst part is that so much of the mainstream news media falls for it.

A clash with demonstrators Saturday left conservative writer Andy Ngo with a brain hemorrhage, he wrote in an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday.

This is the lead into an article on what happened in Portland by The Oregonian, one of the state's top local news outlets. See how they present Ngo's version of the events like the truth first, following up with the fact that it's only his opinion in the part of the sentence that readers are going to gloss over? There is no evidence that Ngo suffered a brain hemorrhage. That's just what he said. He also said he suffered chemical burns from milkshakes. He "said he also suffered a ripped earlobe," but in the video the Oregonian links to, his earlobes look just fine. I didn't watch the whole thing but if the injury was that bad, you think there would be a bandage and he would have a photo of it somewhere, but nothing.

The Oregonian also calls antifa "a left-leaning militant group," which is completely incorrect but makes them sound all kinds of scary.

I don't know if the Oregonian is owned by Sinclair or a conservative white man or what, but it's not the only offender. My fellow journalists are accelerating their own destruction by engaging in this kind of bullshit, demonizing anti-fascists who protect protesters from actual fascists and presenting the side of anti-journalist, pro-fascist terrorists like Ngo like fact and failing to report on how he made a shitload of money off of the fake outrage. The Oregonian, Christina Morales, and so many other journalists and news outlets are complicit in our steady slide deeper into fascism.

Thanks a lot, assholes.

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