Monday, July 1, 2019

2020 Challenger Lineup: Seth Moulton

First of all, candidate Mike Gravel actually filed on the same day as Eric Swalwell. However, Gravel has outright stated that his candidacy is only to try and pull the other candidates to the left, which I appreciate, but it means he's not worth a profile. I might have anyway because he's straight up communist, like for real, but then I heard that he's gone on podcasts with holocaust deniers multiple times so *45-minute-long sigh*.

Second, yes, I know you've never heard of Seth Moulton. Yet Wikipedia still lists him as a major candidate, one of a few who rose up out of over 240 Democratic candidates not serious enough to get a photo on the page, including Ami Horowitz, described as a "documentary filmmaker and right-wing activist." No, I don't know why.

Anywho, Seth Moulton is currently a member of the U.S. House of Representatives for Massachusetts. He's a Harvard graduate, Iraq War vet, and certified white guy.

Moulton calls himself a "progressive Democrat" and yet is a member of the New Democrat Coalition, a neo-liberal caucus that describes its agenda as "moderate", "pro-growth", and "fiscally responsible."

However, he does support a $15 minimum wage, cannabis legalization, abortion rights, same-sex marriage, removing troops from Iraq and keeping them out, the Green New Deal, and gun control.

However however, he declined to speak out against the TPP, saying he needed to educate himself more. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I don't see an update to that anywhere, which makes me suspicious that he supports it but doesn't want to say so. He also explicitly said on a talk show that he's not a socialist, he's a Democrat. I don't expect any serious presidential candidates to claim to be socialists at this point in time, but I dislike the indulging of the right-wing narrative that all Democrats are secretly socialists coming to take their freedoms, guns, cows, and toothbrushes, or whatever.

Moulton was one of the Democrats who tried to find someone to challenge Pelosi for the Speaker position. I'm not a fan of Pelosi, however I distrust the motives of many of the Democrats who were involved in this.

According to Vox, Moulton is focusing his campaign on veteran's issues and voting rights. Both important issues, but nothing about him is standing out. He wants a new Voting Rights Act and explicitly brought up people of color and how they are targeted for voter suppression.

Seth Moulton's campaign website has an issues section that is not as robust as some and starts with "Foreign Policy and National Security." I do not like the idea of having a former soldier as a President unless they're 100% for gutting the military budget and leaving other countries alone, which he is not. He's also proposing a "National Service Education Guarantee" which is scaring the shit out of me.

My plan will ask all young Americans to serve, launching a national recruiting effort to reach all 33.4 million Americans aged 17 to 24. The goal is to make national service not a requirement but an expectation of American citizenship, whether you serve in the military, AmeriCorps, or a new Federal Green Corps.

NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE fuck you, fuck American imperialism, fuck tricking and coercing young people into the military. People shouldn't have to serve the American war machine or risk their lives just to get an education necessary to even have a shot at getting a decent job. Fuck. That.

Speaking of jobs, his "jobs" section focuses on the middle class, which annoys me because why doesn't anyone ever focus on the lower class? Don't they need the most help? But they have trouble getting to the polls so fuck 'em, right? But at least he's for expanding public transportation and acknowledges that school integration never really happened.

On healthcare, he's for a public option, which is not the same as and not as good as universal healthcare.

He has a mental health section, which is nice, and plans for routine mental health checkups for military members, veterans, and highschoolers.

I do like his New Voting Rights Act proposal, which includes automatic voter registration, paid time off for all citizens on Election Day, abolishing the electoral college, and statehood for Puerto Rico. On this, he looks like a true progressive. But only this.

Seth Moulton might have gotten a better-than-average grade for this New Voting Rights Act. But for his National Service Education Guarantee, he plunges all the way to a D-. Hell no, I won't go.

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